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  • I agree that Howe is the star of the new album, which I overall really enjoy. Picked it up yesterday and already heard it twice

    and as soon as I get back home I'm gonna start blogging again (I have a couple reviews written j haven't posted). Just got really caught up in senior year stuff and then kind of forgot about it
    Yeah, I'm guessing Gilmour will do London (although somebody tried to get a rise here by telling the omaha world-herald they'd seen Waters and Gilmour together in a restaurant--not sure how anyone fell for that, personally)

    And I got this t-shirt:
    Having seen the show last night, I can confirm that it is absolutely amazing, and that it actually far exceeded my expectations. You should definitely be pumped for it!
    yeah, me too, i'm just counting down the days now, i'm more excited for this than my senior homecoming!
    Yeah, that is great news! I've decided not to hype myself up hoping for it to be in Omaha, since I know it won't happen, but Atlanta has a shot!
    depending on how much money i have laying around, I might wait until I can get it used, but I'll definitely get it eventually
    hadn't heard that, thanks for the heads-up! was it ever released on dvd before?
    Yeah, that sounds like a great show, I'd definitely go see him if he came anywhere near me
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