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    Would it be worth sacrificing every episode produced after season 8 for the show's integrity?

    I have always maintained that whether you like the Scully era or not it's pretty much fully necessary within the legendary status of the show. Maybe even a few seasons of the Jean era, but I kinda hesitate to include those because at that point nearly half the show is sort of in 'decline mode'...
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    How to Donate to the NHC - Your Help is Needed This Year

    when i find some money to scrounge up i'll donate don't press the kill button yet
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    Oh my god this new layout sucks

    it is much better. especially on mobile. don't gotta zoom in to read ancient vbulletin scripture
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    What's a friend ?

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    it is september, my dudes

    very censored thread. not right
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    What is your favorite Windows operating system?

    i beta tested every operating system. gave props to some and others i dissed em
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    The List Thread

    808s late registration graduation yeezus pablo mbdtf donda college dropout ye jesus is king
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    The best username on the NHC

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    happy birthday king

    happy birthday king
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    Lounge Flashbacks and other FFA Gems!

    . .
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    The List Thread

    n a s nastradamus illmatic it was written king's disease II the lost tapes life is good hip hop is dead stillmatic the n word king's disease i am... the lost tapes II street's disciple nasir god's son nastradamus
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    The List Thread

    i am... ain't THAT bad. quite a bit better than god's son
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