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  • ok. like i said earlier, i used to watch it occasionally on adult swim, but i don't remember laughing at anything. probably 'cause i was only like 12 or so.

    I'll watch an episode either later tonight or tomorrow, after school. I'll be sure to let you know what i think. I'm sure I'll like it. it looks pretty entertaining
    oh, that's pretty handy.

    why is season 8 called Aqua Unit Patrol Squad?
    is every episode on there, or only some of them?

    don't worry, i very rarely judge shows on one or two episodes (unless those episodes were absurdly terrible, but this show seems pretty decent. I think i used to watch it every now and then when i was younger, but i didn't get any of the jokes or anything)
    i just registered (same name as here).

    yea, i've used it once or twice in the past
    sure man. thanks.

    oh, it's no problem. it's not like i expect you to respond within 5/10 minutes everytime i send a message or something like that.
    another option is i just record them whenever they are on adult swim, only problem is that would probably take a while because they only air like 2 episodes a night, and some nights they don't air any.

    or, i could register. i never have on that site though
    if you don't mind, that'd be great. i was just going to get each disc via netflix, but that would take a while.
    i'll watch the first two seasons and then tell you when i'm done, so if you could please hold on to that link for a little while, that'd be great
    since i'm not an avid watcher, will the movie make sense to me? you say it explains their origins... do i need to have watched many episodes from the show to enjoy it? if not, then sure, please send me a link. i probably won't watch it tonight (gonna watch simpsons, and maybe american dad and family guy, then probably go to bed shortly after), but i might watch it tomorrow.
    i'll probably just watch them in order.

    how's the movie? is that worth checking out
    i've been looking for new shows to get into and this show has always intrigued me. is it best watched in order or can you watch episodes in whatever order?
    Then your username is the biggest hypocrisy of them all...

    And good, I like the Toy Story series too :)
    :resurrects self:

    OK, so I don't know who you are or anything about you so I want to know...

    **why do you think TS2 was only OK!?!?!**

    please reply soon :)
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