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  • Also, I have improved a lot of behaviors. I don't complain about music i'm not listening to, for example.
    Can we talk SERIOUSLY about this Discord ban? It's already 5 days since i've got banned, and I don't want to wait another week just to get back in. I have a lot of fun chatting with you guys, even if drama ensues sometimes. I understand I have problems (Lack of self-awareness, trying to correct people) but I can improve those.

    It's not fair that Bias, who has said lots of racist/offensive stuff in the past and caused lots of drama can chat freely while me, who's worst crime is being a mild annoyance, is banned, possibly for good. There is no reason why this should be.

    It is true I do nag people a lot to be unbanned, but that's because of three reasons: 1. You don't tell me how long i'm banned and I wonder, 2. You don't tell me WHY I get banned a lot of the time, and 3. Lots of the time the ban reasons are mundane and for mild annoyances (Not uploading a video, not liking To Pimp A Butterfly). That's why I always pester people.
    Before getting here when I thought of The Sota(that's what the locals call her)I expected a beautiful warm sunny locale with beaches galore but what I got was 12 feet of snow and it's so cold I haven't felt my feet in over a week.I LOVE IT!!!!!
    If I still had feelings those words would have touched me in a place that if I was younger I'd be screaming for an adult.
    But I must go not just for myself but for the children.My only question not knowing board protocol is do I need to draft a goodbye post? And when should my severance package kick in?
    You don't love me you love the idea of me.If you loved me this situation wouldn't be taking place everyone that knows me knows my biggest no no is being run afoul especially in the form of monkey shines so this was a double whammy of deceit that has shaken me to my very core.I'm an easy guy to get along with I've even been described as " Delightful" and " a national treasure" by a Gas N Go mini mart cashier several times without prompting so that really speaks for my character because Gas N Go mini mart cashiers are the best judges of ones character so this betrayal has left me all the more melancholy.
    It looks that way.The Internet is no place for humor especially at my expense and there's a code I live my life by so much so that I've got it Tattooed over my heart:
    #1-Always remember
    #2-Always forget
    #3-But then start remembering again so that you don't forget what you wanted to remember in the 1st place

    It's alittle wordy but it's never steered me wrong.
    Thanks for becoming my friend, you have the permission to play with me on the playground now, I hope we gonna have a very, very fun time :).
    every s27 ep except the last one so far. should probably get back to writing
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