Murdering SJWs
October 1
Real Name
Leader of Global Thermonuclear section on NoHomers
Favorite Simpsons Characters
Krusty, Mr. Burns, Bart, Kid Rock, Champagne Clown
Favorite Simpsons Episodes
Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Dead Putting Society, 8th Commandment, The Way We Was, Mr. Lisa, Dog of Death, Homer the Heretic, Rosebud, Sweet Seymour Skinner, And Maggie Makes Three, Homie the Clown, Summer of 4ft2, Mountain of Madness, A Tale of Two Springfields
Favorite Season of The Simpsons
7 > 3 > 2 > 5 > 4 > 1 > 6
Simpsons Merchandise You Own
the DVDs, the episode guides, bunch of comic compilations, a plastic toy of a gold Homer holding a donut and a cowboy hat from McDonald's he says "yee-hee"
Favorite TV Show(s)
Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Simpsons, Nathan For You, Sailor Stars, Cardcaptor Sakura, Seinfeld, The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, Get a Life, Moral Orel, King of the Hill, Mr. Show, Sailor Moon, Mission Hill, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Pawn Stars Gameshow, Gotham: Hell on Earth
Favorite Movie(s)
Cabin Boy, Mischief, Jaws: The Revenge, Alien: Resurrection, Heisei Godzilla, Gremlins 2, Nightmare 3, Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth
Favorite Musical Artist / Band(s)
The Flaming Lips, Prince, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, The Mountain Goats, Ween, Michael Jackson, Green Day, Björk, Beck, Nirvana, The Jesus Lizard, R.E.M., Breeders, Weezer, The Cars, The Beach Boys, bill wurtz, Ramones, Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep
Favorite Computer / Video Game(s)
Spyro 1-3, PaRappa the Rapper, Tekken 3, Tony Hawk Underground, Klonoa, Sonic 3, Turtles in Time, Donkey Kong Country, Battletoads & Double Dragon, Pacman 2, Halo, Portal 2, Mega Man 4, Undertale, NES Castlevania, Power Stone, Doom 2: Hell on Earth
Favorite Book(s)
Nancy Likes Christmas, Yotsuba&!, Dangerous 33 1/3
Favorite Sports Team(s)
Flyers, 76ers, Raiders
Favorite Websites
ebaumsworld, ytmnd




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