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    Rate & Review: Maggie Simpson In "Rogue Not Quite One"

    this sucks fuck you al jean
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    Bart's Love Interests: Who is The Best?

    The best part of this video is him just going “the writers seemed to forget this was a 10-year old boy” I forgot they brought back Mary spuckler twice to attempt synergy with freakin new girl
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    The Most INAPPROPRIATE Simpsons Jokes. (Serious Topic Warning)

    I looked it up. Can you say that on television? My goodness the stuff they get away with nowadays! Saying boner on television— oh god I said it
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    Autism Day

    Saw the date the OP was posted and was temporarily concerned that autism day was on April 1st. Even still, 4/2 is a little close for comfort imo
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    Your Experience With Monsterland Buddies

    sherri and Terri was just the beginning
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    Have you ever went to the school dance at your school or at the different school?

    yes it was ultimately personally humiliating and I hate the thought of it but yes
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    2023 NHC Winter Music Showdown (Voting Thread: RESULTS)

    Burrrn Minoru Komorita Sobs Tetra
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    It’s funny
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    …happy Valentine’s Day, NHC!
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    The thread title makes me laugh, and is our Valentine’s Day thread. Oss was the one to start throwing hands, I’ve been nothing but nice and honest so far.
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    Oss if you were named after a movie it would be The Grudge (2004)
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    Bc the title is funny and ur overdramatic hate of Valentine’s Day is also funny?
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    Motherfucking Valentine's Day

    Just admiring this thread, mr grumpy gills