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  • OK so the picture that you use for your avatar happens to be my Facebook picture, and now when I'm looking through my FB feed and see my own posts, for a second I think it's you. o_O

    Kinda funny. Still keep using it though, not trying to discourage you :)
    Meh, I don't really feel weird about liking them because of the kids music stuff because they've done plenty of adult albums by now. Haven't heard any of the kids music, though, so I don't know how far out there they got.

    I'm more of a fan of their fun, peppy music overall. Stuff like, "Doctor Worm", "Experimental Film" or "The Cap'm" are some of their later stuff that's fun to listen to while driving around.
    Hey, I didn't know you were a TMBG fan too. What are your favorite songs by them?
    stupidly awesome

    or is NHC not as good as Twitter?

    ... or is it better I'm not entirely sure how this works
    i kind of wish your name was ryano instead of ryan o. there's such a giant different in tone

    and ryano sounds kind of cool

    and it still conveys the same basic message, but in a more awesome way
    I'm a fan of your posting, I notice we tend to agree alot on our thoughts for new episodes of the usual shows here. Keep it up :)
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