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  • And you're right. And you know, thinking about it, I think I really should give this franchise another chance, because I don't think I'm getting it.

    In fact, ryan, have you heard of the SpoonyOne? He did this long vlog on his opinion on the movie, and listening to his opinion on the movie, I think I'm watching this movie wrong. Want a link to it and see if you agree with him?
    I dunno. I think I should rewatch this film and read the books to see if the fans are right. I mean, when I saw the film, they were things I thought were great; the arc Knives and Romma went through was great, there were some hilarious parts in the film, and I love the style the movie went with. But, I dunno, I thought this movie could of been SO much better, but for some reason, it hold itself back, and because of that, I wished it didn't, which is why it's pretty difficult for me to love this film.

    Oh, BTW, sorry for the paragraphs. Your comment on the movie sent a spark within me for some reason, so, sorry.
    Hmmmm...Weird, I think the total opposite. The way I saw it, I thought this movie really wanted to be this wacky, off the wall, zany movie, but the movie thinks that the romance should ground the zaniness, when in reality, it should of been the characters' chemsity that grounded it. If you ask me, they should of tweak the non-zany to make it better, or to just forgot it and have fun with the movie. I mean, to be honest, I really didn't care for the two characters; Scott was a little too passive for me to like him, and Ramona was a little too underdeveloped for me to buy the romance (I know that was the point of the movie, but the villains were so silly, it was hard to buy into Ramona's feelings for them). Also didn't help that it was hard to give a shit about the villains and some of the supporting characters.
    Hey Ryan...you sure "Scott Pilgrim" was a good movie? Because although I thought the movie was fun too, the romance in the film seriously bogged down what could of made a REALLY good film.
    Ah, that's pretty cool. If you ever talk to him again, maybe you should tell him about the idea and see if he's onboard. If he id or not, I'll remind you about it sometime in the future.

    Hey, not a problem. Nice talking to ya.
    Not a problem. Who knows, maybe once the line gets short, maybe I can get Kiyo in this and we have fun with the show over Skype one day.
    Well, at least I know I'm not alone with pop culture. Thanks for the reassurement dude.

    And huh, weird, I was thinking about doing all of Cowboy Bebop with you over Skype, but it looks like you've seen the show already. Hmmm...

    Ever heard of a show called Neon Genesis Evangelion?
    But if you want, I can make that up with some things you might like. For instance, ever seen any anime? If not, I know a really GOOD one I think you'll like. It's very character base.

    Also, Skype is involved in this idea.
    Well, truth to be told, one reason I don't post much here is two things.

    1. I lurk on a LOT of forums, so I don't really have the mood to post.

    2. I'm like the worst pop culture guy you'll ever meet on a forum. I don't watch a lot of movies, I barely play video games, I don't watch a lot of TV, all I really do is read posts and learn from it.
    Yeah, good point.

    So you can't think of a good tangential gag in the show, because I think there were some funny ones in the Classic era.
    Hey ryan, question, since I'm curious you brought it up; what exactly is a tangential gag? Is it like the cutaways jokes from Family Guy?
    Ryan O, I want you to pick my next avatar. It can be BTTF related, or not. Griff just ain't doing it for me.
    I get home from Atlanta and find a green username awaiting me! Not bad! Thanks for the congrats, bro!
    nah, i just haven't installed it yet on the computer. why do you look like steve all of sudden
    so do you live like in central las vegas, or a suburb somewhere? does vegas even have suburbs? sorry it's just i went there once and it seems like living there would be pretty overwhelming
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