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  • RIP. Always liked you Ryan, even when everyone else said you were awful. Wish I could've said more, *sniff*, hope you're in a better place.
    [11:45 PM] oss: For a long time, I actually thought Ryan was 42

    CLASSICS OF TC once again delivered to ur doorstep
    That's what I wonder about with all the 1990s humor and references. I wonder the delivery is going to be great still but if the references and era will get tiresome after awhile. I don't know if I'm going to go through the whole thing, but I'm looking forward to watching a run of them to see how they stand up.
    Hey Ryan. Animaniacs just got added to Netflix streaming. The whole series.

    (It's kind of funny seeing the episode listing because Volume 1 is 65, and then 2, 3, and 4 are 18, 7, and 9 respectively. That was 90s era animation orders for you.)

    Haven't watched an episode since I was young. I wonder if it holds up.
    i have reached a level of sadness unknown to man
    please post before I go to camp or I will never know what became of your feet and will be left wondering
    I quite like LOH, but then again I tend to remember the A-plot about Hero and his parents a lot more than the stupid suicide hot line B-story. Wooldoor as a doctor or scientist is always great though. There was actually a Vocaroo thread on 4chan recently where some guy was just recording himself saying everything that got posted in the thread so I pasted the entire speech Wooldoor gives about why black men feel safe when near big asses in "N.R.A.y RAY". I now have a few recordings saved of people who seemed to latch onto that particular piece of dialogue and actually did readings of it, introducing themselves with Wooldoor's name and all.
    Aw, it got taken off YouTube? I haven't seen that thing in ages but yeah, it still cracks me up.
    Wow, life definitely is mysterious. I remember it was like that a lot with my grandpa after my grandma passed, but due to him being sad. He came close a lot of times but we'd always get him rehabilitated at home or in the hospital; would be like his old self again for a time. Hopefully your grandpa has a lot more happy memories to make with you guys now :)
    Just read your predictions revisit. Had been meaning to ask about your grandfather's condition but didn't want to overstep or push a button. I'm sure it's a touchy and weird subject, but I'm glad to hear he's still around right now.
    that book I posted about in the theme park thread

    has ur avatar in it!!
    Ryan, it is always hard to step down from something and admit when you goofed in any capacity, but if you think you aren't fit to be a mod right now, then your decision was probably wise. We all do dumb shit, and though I wasn't around for any of what you described in your post, I can certainly relate to it. I am sure you recall my own posting blunder while active here. I still lurk and post occasionally, but nowhere like before. Anyway, you'll get no bashing from me.
    I just received an invite to an event called 'Green Screen Day 2015'. You think this is something mr Karras would be interested in?
    Haha, yeah. santa's elf was pitching that idea to me as well, and I told him the judging would be difficult.
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