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  • Yeah, I saw. Basically I'm fairly forgiving with this stuff provided it's not something that's glaringly obvious to everyone (Like, I use that Bayonetta 2 version of "Moon River" as a good example of me not being able to accept something remixed because it's just impossible to work around the fact that Moon River is a really well known song). I can't even blame the person who submitted Ratatouille because if it's something that isn't even within the movie's official score CD it's a bit harder to find an exact duplicate of the full song isolated without other sound effects or dialogue over it to check and there's a chance they genuinely didn't know.
    Honestly, it's kind of like I already said in the thread re: the remix rule. If you have to go that far out of your way to find it, nobody's gonna give a shit, and the whole reason that rule exists is to stop morons trying to submit like, a fuckin' Smash Bros. take on old Mario music or fan remixes or something.
    From what I've played with, it's really really really the same as the originals, so if you played the hell out of the original, there isn't much more to it, aside from it just being portable. I've always kinda dabbled in it and played it really sandbox-y, so I'm hoping the port will encourage me to play through more of the scenarios proper.
    They released Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic on iOS/Android today for $5.99. It's basically RCT1 and RCT2 in a mobile experience. I think it would definitely play better on tablet for sure, but it is surprisingly solid even on my older Samsung Galaxy S5. The controls are a little finicky (I have to make paths manually using the directional arrows because ugh, tapping) but still. I kinda can't believe that this game is on mobile now. I would've never imagined 20 years ago or whatever.
    hey man i'm doin an assignment on economics and it's about disney's intellectual property and the stuff they've patented and i wanted to talk about their theme parks
    did they end up patenting any of their trademark designs like the hub and spike design and stuff? im definitely bringing up the contract with disney and universal about marvel though, which will be one whole research question. yknow cus like disney own marvel but can't actually use their stuff in their orlando parks becus of the universal contract and stuff. i'm also gonna bring up like how their trying to get around it and shit

    but yeah have you got any tips about that? like disneys IP in their theme parks and stuff
    Oh, I just meant it as in I'm glad that it's been done. Didn't mean to sound sarcastic or anything haha.
    Interesting... Never considered revisiting that one before. I admit, I've always found the episode kind of forgettable (just cuz Father Bouvier is so irrelevant) but it does have a lot of good jokes in it. Maybe it's worth another look?
    Yeah, I would. They talked about maybe for Bart Sells His Soul later on, but I think Who Shot Mr. Burns would be a good appearance for me too (due to the video series).
    Yeah, I really enjoyed listening to the back catalog when they had originally reached out to me awhile back. They're good at the witty banter stuff. I saw they had a boost in listenership in my crossover episode, so I'm hoping they get new regular listeners out of the deal.
    (Also lol at the NHC thing. The internet has changed so much these days, hasn't it?)
    Yeah, I actually had that random thought earlier. Just sorta relishing the idea of him getting banned and then thinking "Although it's not like he wouldn't make an alt".

    Guess we'll see.
    Haha yeah and it's completely typical that he has provided no source for his blabbering.
    Cars is kind of dull, and waaaaay too predictable. I will take an uneven crazy-fest if it at least fun. :P
    he's a joker, he's a smoker, he's a midnight toker

    and he gets his lovin' on the runnn...
    RIP. I miss you. You were a great administrator, and a great user. I wish you had never chose to blaze it.
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