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  • It may be hard, but it'll pay off. With your nice, cute drawing style, I'm sure you'll be big :3
    You're working on an animation!? That sounds awesome! Hope we'll be able to hear about it/see it when it's done :)
    Yeah, sometimes looking back you realise there were symptoms lurking, long before you actually realise there's something wrong.
    The thing is about my grandma is that because she was a positive thinking person who rarely ever complained about the way she felt, none of us know how long she was suffering with her illness. She could have been suffering for up to five years and none of us knew.
    Thanks a lot, I'm quite flattered! However, I want to say you're at least just as competent a writer as I am, if not even moreso. You always have insightful thoughts about the Simpsons, and you'll make plenty of clear examples to convey your point. I enjoy reading your reviews.
    Maybe it has something to do with the age limit you need to join this forum. You have to be 13 or above to join this forum, so it really minimilises the amount of immature people who join the forum (and they usually get banned anyway). So most of the users are 15 or above, allowing for a more mature and sophisticated forum.

    And I know how you feel, because my grandma suddenly turned ill over a month ago and just one week later she died. It all went so quickly and I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to be honest. I still think about her everyday. I wish the very best to you and your friend and I really hope you don't have to go through the same thing I did.
    Thanks. I am a pretty friendly person really. I'm glad I'm building somewhat of a reputation here.

    And yeah, I make a lot of posts each day. It's strange because at my old forum I didn't make many posts at all. This forum is the most friendly one I've been part of.
    All of the pages, so far, of Generations 3 were drawn in 2007 and adding text was the only needed part. I'm running out of pages to post so I'll have to actually start drawing soon. :P

    I'm also working on the most demanding picture, ever, that I've created--a pic that's 90% Futurama with some Simpsons thrown in, but that won't be done till next month.
    Pretty much make them from scratch from whatever source I can find.
    Pull material from the episodes, the comics, official merchandise, fan art... that last one of Lisa with the ukulele came from a guitar pick.
    There's no shortage of great Lisa shots on the 'Net. Thanks for the feedback!
    I actually haven't worked on that picture since the last update I posted. I've been kind of busy for the past few weeks and haven't been staying up as late so I just haven't had the time. Thanks to you, though, I'm gonna work on it a bit more. I'll post it when it's all finished (not sure if I'm gonna do a background with it or not). I appreciate your interest!
    Ahh very interesting. A few people on B&R use AutoCAD in their lines of work and one member is a civil engineer. Also a former NHC mod took up animation and I'm fairly certain he got to work with John K for awhile and communicated with a Simpsons animator too. Very cool choices, I know those guys love what they do. It's good that you're so motivated; not many are nowadays. Good luck with all your ventures and graduation! :)
    Yeah in all honesty most of it was just me taking things of interest to keep my medical insurance. I never got a degree at tht school (which i kind of regret but i was having a rough time then) and ended up transferring to Heald College where I graduated with a degree in Network Systems Administration in their IT program. A lot of good things happened for me at that school academically and personally. Made a lot of family and staff proud which lifted my spirits and motivated me. I really wish I had a plan going into college but I think things turned out ok regardless. What are your plans, if you don't mind me asking?
    I was actually in school to study social work and Japanese language. I took all my core classes too including some computer science courses. Then I studied Japanese and art and moved into family resources+social work. Kind of a big mess of not knowing what I wanted to do but I eventually found my path and got to take a bunch of awesome art classes while I was at it.
    wow hey thanks! :) i was mostly self taught up until i was 17. i went to community college and took every single art class they taught so basic painting, basic and intermediate drawing, and then art history and color theory. i learned a lot of cool techniques that i try my best to apply to my own artwork. i also taught myself how to use photoshop during that time so i could color ny pics but had to use a mouse and keyboard. i stopped going there when i was about 23/24.
    i picked it up from my library once but i couldn't get into it, which is odd, because i philosophy was one of my majors and i usually find it pretty interesting.
    it's great! lots of very interesting points made that seem obvious once you've read them, but which would probably never come out of your mouth unless someone articulates those points to you. and the book articulates those points very well (the homer simpson and mr burns chapters in particular). it gets off topic fairly often - as in, pages devoted to the impact of nirvana in the bart simpson chapter - but those parts remain interesting enough to persevere through.

    put another way, it was good enough for me to pack in my onboard luggage for a 14 hr flight :P

    i was looking forward to a nerdiscussion thread after our last conversation. are you gonna make one? i haven't had a chance to watch any episode in enough detail yet. :(
    I'm going to stick to doing some art for the next few weeks; won't be partaking in much debates or discussion unless they are episode reviews. Will probably put up one or two character analysis I've been working on.
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