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  • Oh yeah.. I always know that's there but I alwaaays click on their profile! I don't know..
    And okay... GUY LISA XD
    Architecture is really cool though as well. Sims 2 gets me a little inspired there.. ha.
    I'd like to base my house off of the Simpson's. Sounds a little over the top but I have for so long..
    That's super cool! I dream of one day exploring our universe.. and beyond. I don't really know anyone else who is into physics and such.
    Like one of the other forums I go on.. WebkinzInsider (I love Webkinz.. have since 2007!) they are very strict considering Webkinz is mainly aimed at kids-pre-teens.. but many adults play it!
    I also see you like NASA? I'd like to work within NASA one day. My dream is to be a cosmologist and inspire people, I would like to be considered idealistic.
    Also, random. I am currently in the progress of selling of my anime collection. I have TONS of stuff left yet.. over 100 figures yet. Do you know any anime fans? I just really lost interest in it and I'd like to also make more room for my simpsons stuff..
    But if this forum needs more love.. Aleutia is here to help! By the time I'm done, this forum will be flooded with glitter and happiness.
    I haven't really been into forums much.. I was back in 2009-2010.. I guess I'll start getting back into my spam obsessions :D
    I can actually agree. People arguing and people filled with hatred CAN be really funny. Especially on facebook!
    Awwwww, siblings fighting.. cutest thing ever! I'm an only child.
    And yep.. look forward to me spamming the forums with love :)
    just trying to see what the level of interest is with people I actually want to discuss stuff with. Trying to get my brother to come back and discuss them as well
    I do act like I'm stupid just to see if anyone notices, actually. Like for example whenever I'm in the hospital, the staff think I'm actually stupid but some kids know I'm just acting. Oh and yes, my friends consider to be a kind & giving person.. and I at least TRY to understand people. Gosh you seem so much like Lisa! Please be my best friend, man!
    Well of course.
    Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone like you?
    You seem pure.
    Oh wow you just watched random episodes? I'd be confused too!

    Yeah you should definitely start from the beginning if you're gonna watch it.
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