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  • Hey, I know we haven't really interacted too much, but I have to thank you for defending me in the best Simpsons episodes thread. It takes a lot of guts to stand up like that for someone else, especially to a mod. I really appreciate it.
    yes probably but i'm not very observant

    i'm calling you joe from now on, and you should tell broom to change it for you

    it'll work just find, or change it to bro montana
    you need to either give me your first name

    or make one up like jorge

    because i can't keep calling you revolver
    'preeshiate the usernote! Haha after posting that I was OCD about it I was sure to check my profile next time I signed on.
    Nice AD references, friend.
    I'm from a town in the middle of nowhere in the south-east corner called Wapello, though I'm currently living in Iowa City, going to college at ol' University of Iowa.
    I've been reduced to posting messages to myself. It's gonna be hard to top this one, people.
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