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  • Eh, maybe I'm not furious, but I think that the Lovejoy scene would've been more appropriate. Is the only footage of that scene in the trailer?
    You must've been furious that they replaced the Lovejoy scene in the movie with the CBG scene. I was, even though I'm pretty apathetic towards CBG.
    hey, Lovejoy liker!{or lover} I like Lovejoy a lot to, he is really funny. Would you like to be friends?
    Hey! How are you doing? It's been a while since I've seen you around here! Good to see you back!
    Hiya. To be honest, I was exaggerating when I said that Lovejoy was my least favorite secondary, but he's close. He rarely appears on the show, and when he does it tends to be in a boring and insignificant role. :gatorshrug: I suppose it's more indifference than dislike.
    Thanks for your visitor message ^^
    And yeah,I just love that pic >:3
    Oh,and I hate too that scene with Helen from last episode.I mean,that was really a stupid and unecessary joke...
    Why, thank you! And I'm probably the only member who has a signature with randomly changing images!
    Oh, well, "get well soon" is what they say. Get better, I hope that insect doesn't stop you from your creativity.
    Your welcome, I hope you don't mind that i changed your outfit from the picture I saw on your profile and that picture on deviant art. In it, you're giving Katie a train set. As you can tell, I did my research.
    Why, thank you for being my friend! Just to let you know that I'll being doing a fan art piece of you and Katie in the near future.
    heya. it's not a bad episode, it's just not one of my favs. i didn't like the third act and i thought mr. sparkle was the best part of the episode. i do like lovejoy though
    I may eventually upload my own avatar, but I'm perfectly happy to use this one for now.

    And no, it doesn't sound all that weird. I think it fits me as well, particularly my sense of humor, and conveys the message that although I appear to be a nice guy I will someday abscond with the entire message board when no one is looking. ;-)
    Heh, thank you on both counts, although it's actually one of the default avatars. :P But yeah. It was actually a pretty easy choice to make, because the alternatives I considered were Laura Powers, Sideshow Raheem, and Moe.

    I think I made the right choice.
    Thnx for the visitor message; by the way, neither your avatar or signature pic seem to get old.
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