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  • I don't mean to offend here, but it seems a lot of the time you only talk about Lovejoy (who you love) and CBG (who you hate). You don't seem to talk about the show much apart from those two. I'm sorry, but I needed to say that.
    Heh. I have some doubles, and in some cases, triples, if you're interested in taking some off my hands. :P
    Look what you get.

    eh me neither. i just recently started to catch up to season 22 episodes and perhaps will see some older ones just to get into the groove.
    Yeah, it's awesome. I watched it online beforehand and then I saw it was coming to E4. Love it. The second and third episodes are even better than the first imo.
    I'm thinking I'm right, but I don't want to seem extremely stupid if I say something and I'm wrong ..

    Are you that 'Lovejoy Fan' commenter on Everything Simpsons? I see you commented on my review of Moms I'd Like to Forget.

    What a terrible episode that was.
    I understand. It's hard to stay positive after so many bad episodes.

    Though I did enjoy your story about Helen being a demon-slayer. TBH I never really liked her before, but you make her character quite interesting.
    Hi, Reverend. I just wanted to say that I've read some of your stories on and I really enjoyed them. You seem like a good writer and I hope that someday, you might continue some of your unfinished fanfics because you had some good plot lines going on. Also, your fics are the only Lovejoy ones I get when searching for Simpson stories, so I praise you for your uniqueness. ;)
    Thanks. I think the Lovejoys are just as interesting as the more popular secondary characters, so I don't know why they aren't used more often.
    "How to Train Your Dragon" is the second best movie (behind Shrek 4) this year, IMO.

    I thought the best part was where Toothless got her to apologize to hiccup.
    "Everyone is saying Gabbo this and Gabbo that, but no one is saying worship this and Jericho that!" XD
    Thanks for the add request! ;D
    You are boarding here for quite some time. You saw a lot of people coming and going, I suppose. (or moving to the O/T-section)
    Still, you stayed a loyal GDer.
    How would you describe your overall boarding experience over here?
    Yeah, you have four screenshots, two of them including the parson and all screenshots are from one of your most hated episodes.
    So is that album a way to torture yourself? ;)


    I only recently saw the subtle visual similarities. (eg. the eyes / the pointy nose:still developing with Jessica, but you see some foreshadowing)

    One of the better parents-children choices in resemblance.
    The obviousness of the Van Houtens is a bit too much (although it works)

    Also recently saw Jessica's cameo in Marge Gamer.
    Are there other episodes in which she cameos?
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