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  • I used to think the day would come when I could finally be with you
    Now I know that's just a dream
    That will never come true
    I KNOW. That's why season 2 is so exciting.

    You just have no clue what the show even is anymore. I kept saying to my friends "still not one serial killer episode..." during it.

    Also you get 2 brilliant Darin Morgan episodes which everybody should thank God for existing
    Ah so yesss you are getting into when the show starts to become REALLY WEIRD.

    Season 2 is a lot like that 5/5/2000 episode. Just total dream logic and like...you're just watching it going what the fuck?

    I'll put it this way. How do you see the show...as basically serial killer of the week, for the most part?

    I am struggling to think of a season 2 episode with a serial killer in it.

    Wait...which episodes are those?? Are you still in season 1? Chris Carter is really schmaltzy, but when he leaves the series in season 2, and Morgan and Wong take over, the show loses it's fucking mind and is one of the best things ever.
    yeah man i read about that. hopefully this means some new recordings, 'bob's dinners' was an insanely tight album to go out on.
    son of
    there was a time when I felt real, when all made sense, when I could feel
    now reality is far gone away, life around me went totally astray
    the real is gone, it won't come back, my days are now filled with lack
    hey Melvin

    yeah i uncapitalized my username, the capital J just looked weird to me for some reason. i see you've simplified your name as well

    and now we both have kubrick avatars
    Thanks man! Haha I actually thought about Adamantium Admin for a minute but went nah.
    thanks but its cool theres a repair shop nearby which specialises in apple repairs. they can do it for me in an hour

    i had a 2 gig ipod from 2006 up until now. i had to change the contents of it atleast once a week, it absolutely sucked
    thank you so much!!!!! god reading back on what i wrote it makes no sense. but i understand and can do it perfectly now

    in related news my ipod came with a shit battery and is already dead. LAME
    sorry to be an idiot but i actually received my 160gig ipod today and i still can't figure out the 'random album' thing you posted. this is what ive done:

    created a smart playlist, no filter, limit to 100gig (wild guess) selected by random

    then you said create a second playlist, and thats where im confused. is there a way to create a smart playlist within the other smart playlist or something? because if i filter the album rating thing [all my songs have 0 stars], my whole library gets thrown into a new playlist
    Lately more and more forest-animals are expressing the need of calling out your name on a daily basis.
    It might be a sign, but then again there is already too much misinterpretation in this world these days.
    sorry I didn't answer sooner, I was internetless for a few days, but yeah I've seen Alice and it is amazing. love the guy's work. if you haven't seen his shorts you should definetely check them out, pretty sure they are all on youtube. I recommend Dimensions of Dialogue, Darkness/Light/Darkness and Food
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