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  • happy holiday season, Ralph_Wiggum. does your cat's breath still smell like cat food?

    -joe miller
    I guess.

    Say, have you tried animated series like Avatar the Last Airbender or Justice League?
    You seem to like Ben10. I never saw the appeal of it. So can you tell me what you think is great about the show? Thanks.
    If you're going to make an unoriginal joke post with my sig, atleast make it a funny one next time
    Niice. Same here - I love the originals to death. Sonic 3 (or one of those games) was the first game I ever played, when I was three years old. Because of that, the Sonic series will always be something special to me, and it's great that they're finally making a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles.
    hey, I don't think Jamie was talking to you in this thread

    I think it was to Squeaky Voiced Teen for his dumber & dumber remark
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