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  • oh, i never saw your tempest comments cause you posted them on your own visitor messages wall instead of mine haha

    tempest is all over the map for me. i think 'soon after midnight' is stunning, 'scarlet town' is just haunting, etc.

    essentially, i love the first 3 sides of the album, but i can't make it though 'titanic' and i think 'roll on, john' is completely bottom-tier dylan material, like on the level of knocked out loaded :(
    I'm loving Tempest. I'm, still only lukewarm to "Pay in Blood" -- everybody else seems to love it, so hopefully I'll warm to it eventually -- and I'm not a huge fan of "Roll On, John," but overall I think it's probably his best, most consistent and cohesive album since the 70s. It's only competitor is Time Out of Mind, but the sound/production on this is much more appealing to my ears than the Lanois soundscape on TooM. And I absolutely adore "Tin Angel." I've probably listened to it around 25 times already. Just a towering song. It's great to see him writing with such discipline again.

    What do you think of it?
    also, i guess i never responded to your last comment for some reason. yeah, the girlfriend and i spent a weekend last year in nyc, with bob's exhibit as the real motivation to go. i'd never been, so we hit all the classic tourist-y spots like times square, empire state building, etc. we also we down to greenwich village, obviously. it was a great trip. and the paintings were awesome, regardless of the plagiarism
    that's a shame, vinyl's a great hobby. hal jones from expecting rain actually sold me his turntable when he upgraded last year. solid cat.

    did you go to the asia series exhibit in nyc?
    yeah, i saw that in the rare recordings section, but i think i'm all live-dylaned out at this point. are you a vinyl collector?
    yeah those bott ny sessions are just ace - the pedal steel on 'you're a big girl now' is unreal. i go back n forth on whether i prefer the ny version or the official release. have you heard the bott half-speed master?

    time out of mind is just all atmosphere, man. at 3am, i swear nothing else sounds so good
    of bob's? a little cliched, but in order:
    1. blonde on blonde
    2. highway 61 revisited
    3. blood on the tracks
    4. freewheelin'
    5. time out of mind
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