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  • Well, I don't think they're letting the new guy write that much. The main epic was written by trevor horn and geoff downes, they were originally going to put it on drama. I'm pretty interested in that one
    yeah, happened upon this picture when browsing a music forum. he looks like he's been a reanimated corpse since the mid-80s

    if the new album's good, though, i've got no complaints
    Yo homie I'd like 2 say that ur avatars really fuckin FUNNY. Those fatass goofy jumpin' midgit spiderhomies are SO fuckin goofy an ARE NOT scary unlike those raggedy-ass stanky legged Wolf Spiderz. now THOSE are fuckin scary as shit homie.

    Anyway jumpin spiderhomies knida remind me of r2-d2 (that fatass robot in Star Warz). I look at the picture an expect it 2 "BEEP BEEP BO BEEP MOTHERFUCKER".
    hahaa yeah, lurking gets tired every once in a while. race ya to 300 posts?
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