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  • i'm sorry, i really don't have the 5 seconds it takes to type five letters and press enter. that time is better spent regretting one's failures.
    banger 'n mash is fantastic. you take that back. see, i wasn't into radiohead when in rainbows dropped. i was only 16 or 17 and still in my "wtf is all the hype about" phase regarding them. but that's the record i learned to love and to this day is my fave. the bonus disc is basically the same quality of songwriting as the album, just kind of different thematically i guess? they shouldn't be considered b-sides.

    i've dealt with your types before. i'm music editor for trinity news (it's like the radiohead of irish college newspapers), you would have been a good contact to have to get phoners. i know there'd be no quid pro quo as we can hardly up gigs in scotland to people in dublin, but you'da hooked a bro up (probably). too bad the last issue is done and even if i resume my post next year, you'll be lecturing. which, btw, is still pretty impressive. what college?
    you seem to have given this an awful lot of analysis. i know you don't talk about yr personal life on here much, but what do you do for a living? some sort of musical journalism? the board can't be your only outlet for these valid but hyperbolic, acid-drenched critiques. (not saying this convo in particular, just your general demeanor)
    thanks for agreeing re: lotus flower. same as you, i did actually hear the solo version post-album drop. then, going back to the album, it's like, why the fuck bother. it's like a terrible remix someone would post on soundcloud for their 300 facebook friends. (by comparison, i mean, the album version is a'ight)

    i understand what you mean about the contrast of certain parts, and i think on codex the bits that are done in that way are enough... it's a build-up, the whole song doesn't need to be that way, ya'meen? but this is just unquantifiable opinion. in rainbows was their peak, everything on there was incredibly spot-on, down to the bsides, and i hope to god they recover. and recover is what they need to do.. some of KoL was just straight up shite. morning mr magpie can go fuck itself like.
    (parte deux, cause apparently there's a 1000 character limit on visitor messages)

    like, i love lotus flower, but i do prefer the thom solo version. it didn't need that complete overhaul, you know? is that the kind of experimentation you're talking about? because, the solo version goes to show, it was a great song to begin with, it didn't need the do-over. the vocals are still far and away the best part.
    we should also distinguish experimentalism in songwriting as opposed to in instrumentation.

    i think it was lawnboy who said it, but their songs have always been pretty simple structurally. it's the instrumentation and thom's vocal melodies that make them, in a way, but at their core they are still very well-written songs to begin with. in rainbows is actually my favourite, followed by httt, and i like amnesiac better than kid a, so you and i might be on completely different wavelenghts here. personally i think in rainbows is their pinnacle, so it's hard to build on that, especially when the bonus disc is equally good. i think they were golden with their previous mindset, and the seemingly conscious and overboard experimentalism in some of king of limbs is just plain unnecessary and doesn't work for me.
    perhaps, but they're still better songs than the other ones. well, at least i enjoy listening to them more. maybe i'm a closet gay for chris martin, who knows. you kinda have to take them in as radiohead songs, you know, and it's mostly the vocals that make them. codex has (sometimes literal) echoes of how to disappear completely, that eerie reverberated falsetto/violin (from like 0:48 onwards in codex). it's creepy.
    codex & lotus flower are my faves, actually. while little by little sucks a big bag of testicles, the fact that it's such a mish-mash of previous radiohead isn't necessarily a bad thing. plus, the foals thing was way more in-your-face. i need to be edgy, ya know.
    man your casual hate for uberweiss and patrick always cracks me up

    what happened to that post you made about him being locked in a fridge and thrown off a bridge? it was mean, but FUNNY AS HELL
    wow i had no idea pitchfork gave RADIOHEAD A RATING SO LOW

    feral is clearly the stand out. i love when the beats swing like crazy in places
    uh jafar WHAT DID YOU THINK OF KING OF LIMBS? pretty sure you're the only prom-music-boarder who didn't post about it
    bong track is for air. amazing backwards guitars in that tune. theres a song where he samples bowie 'changes', took me years to notice it actually, pretty sure its in breathe... that whole song stinks of bowie and its awesome. the thing with this record is it'd be near impossible for anyone to create something even remotely similar to it, its so in the moment. and the song 'estress' is a perfect pop song, if the vocals were clearer i'm sure it would appeal to a much larger audience, its hauntingly catchy

    i used to have a song which i interpolated 'untitled 2' over ridiculous beatz but i lost it during a file fuckover
    wow jesus christ talk abut bad association. i love that record. i may again know john is the shit!
    hahaha were you the one who once told me they heard 'enter a uh' for the first time in a dark room and as a result freaked the fuck out
    i think it rules and is def the best thing aaron has done since 07. but its really similar to autechre oversteps but they were both made at the same time so its kinda weird how they turned out so similar
    jafar. listen to speed dealer moms

    everyone is ignoring the thread and denying one of the greatest releases of the year
    It does look good, much better than the usual UBER DRY Iranian fare (I can use caps lock to denote sarcasm too) but I have no way to see it. Would those earlier Pitts films be worth checking out?
    one per director

    1. I Was Born But...(Yasujiro Ozu, 1932)
    2.Passing Summer (Angela Schanelec, 2001)
    3. Kanzashi (Hiroshi Shimizu, 1941)
    4. Two-Lane Blacktop (Monte Hellman, 1973)
    5. Tobacco Road (John Ford, 1941)
    6. Yellow Sky (William A. Wellman, 1948)
    7. Le Pont du Nord (Jacques Rivette, 1981)
    8. Gummo (Harmony Korine, 1997)
    9. The Wayward Cloud (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2005)
    10. Boy Meets Girl(Leos Carax, 1984)

    There's also this thread at some other forum that's filled with nice screenshots and a list of other favorites in no particular order.
    I've been looking for an excuse to do one, so praise you, Allah, that you asked.
    'supersaturate and castrate, with a vice'
    i had a hiphop lyric in my head all day yesterday

    after racking my brain for hours i realised it was from your anti meat rap
    made post but nobody responded, but im sure you have these bjork bsides:

    so broken
    mother heroic

    whenever you can, plz .rar them for me. ive had trouble finding these
    theres the one with that and like 5 other untitled songs and also rough mixes of some other songs like 'someones', the rough mixes are nice because that record is his only digital one and they kinda fucked it up with clipping. i'll up it for you and post it in sharing thread in a bit
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