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  • Ah, cool. I hope you get it working soon! The forum's starting to pick up now with more members and threads; TFD and I are even engaged in our first debate on there! :D
    Yeah, that's the film I'm most skeptical about. I actually thought that Timm's style was really cool in 'Doomsday', particularly the fight scenes, but the writing was less that stellar. As for 'The New Frontier', the models really looked restricted a lot of the time. The only artistic aspect of the movie I really liked was the backgrounds and color palette, and the writing was still good (though not as good as the graphic novel). As for Judas Contract, I don't think it can possibly excel in any area. The visuals obviously won't compare to the energy of the series and the writing more than likely will be another generic serious, epic story without any of the fun of the show to make it enjoyable. Not that I like comparing to the show, but it really did establish the best way to do teenage characters in animation and give them realistic personalities.
    Cool, I thought it'd be something you like. As for 'The Judas Contract', I've read it, but it suffers from a lot of problems that some graphic novels do, in that there's a lot of continuity that you don't know about and the artwork isn't too spectacular. The only other one I've read is 'The Terror of Trigon' and it was about as good as 'The Judas Contract'. I don't really know of any other off the top of my head. Personally, I thought the cartoon nailed them down better than any of the comics, which, as I think Marv Wolfman stated, was just taking all the seriousness of any regular DC comic but just make the characters younger.
    Since you're a cartoon buff, have you ever seen 'Teen Titans'? I was wondering because it seems kind of like you're kind of show. It's the most artistically well done and best animated DCAU show, but it also has loads of cartoony expressions, which seems to be really up your alley.
    Good morning U.S.A. I have a feeling its going to be a wonderful day.
    The sun in the sky has a smile on its face......

    I went to the join group box and Termite Terrace is NOT listed! I don't know how to join!
    I did actually. It was when you first posted a review for it a while back, I looked it up on Youtube and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also read up on the history of it and how Bob Clampett actually went around and did research on black clubs and things like that. The stereotypes are definitely pretty offensive, but I can overlook them fairly easily. I doubt it's ever going to find its way onto a DVD anytime soon though.
    It's from 'My Neighbor Totoro', one of my favorite movies. You should definitely see it; it's amazing, beautiful in its innocence, and just wonderful.
    Eva says: (11:05:16 PM)
    phil u wanna go post a message to cai and say 'get teh fuck off invisible!'
    Hey thanks for the friend request. Pretty sweet avatar you got there.
    Heyy Caia. Eva has instructed me to tell you (and I agree) that you should go on if your msn isn't working. My MSN doesn't work on my laptop either, so that's what I use.
    D: No, I haven't been able to yet, unfortunately! Maybe I'll use a streaming site as a "last resort" so I can finally catch up to you guys.
    Go to Group Memberships on your user control panel and sign up for the Anime Krew. You'll be able to have the Spike heads when a mod responds.
    You know where I have little stars, and you have little Spike heads? How did you do that?
    Oh yeah, and hey Caia. ;)
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