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  • so im supposed to be flying to vienna at the end of this week but hey, looks like another volcano done erupted. i think its fair to say this is entirely your fault
    whaaat i think i was introduced to him last night, no joke
    i was at his frat's formal!!
    he's a cuuutie
    yeah thats cool, i tried to message you earlier but I ran out of internet time at the train station, we will meet you there around 8.
    this is where I will be staying, nothing in particular we are looking towards doing or trying, we are there for 5 days so we will be trying to hit the major museums and sights and things but there isn't really any sort of plan or specifics set in stone
    Hello Pearl, I'm going to be arriving in Berlin on the 25th, so if you were interested in doing something I'm still up for it. so yeah just message me back if there is like a cool restaurant or some other place we can hang out. My real name is Dylan by the way.
    hey, just letting you know that we received a postcard from nina the other day. I know we should've got it a lot sooner but the post at abbi's place isn't very good. thank her for us if you get a chance!
    i was in berlin for a few hours (it was a stop before going further southeast) so i have technically been there but i didnt really get to take much in. if we do go somewhere else it'll probably be either berlin or strasbourg as as you said, i dont think theres much else in germany outside of the black forest and berlin
    so one of the first things i was going to ask you was what the hell it is you're actually doing, because from here it has just looked like you're on a very long trip around europe that madly criss crosses back and forth all over itself...but i realized when you texted me that you must be temporarily based in germany, right? im stupid

    and yeah my girlfriend has a cousin in cologne so thats one place we are considering going over the summer/autumn. dont know yet whether this, if it happens, will involve a longer detour through other parts of germany (ive only been to the black forest). but it may
    oh and my phone numbers 911 if you want to give us a ring when you get in scotland/the city, or whatever

    oh and oh #2 my names jamie btw if you hadnt gathered that from someplace else
    yeah the buses will be on, but are neither that straightforward nor pleasant....and you can get a taxi if you can find can be just kind of a pain in the arse to get around on a sunday night, and seeing as ive got a car, it would be better for me to come to where you're going to be at rather than vice versa. and you can walk most places (in the daytime anyway) but to walk from where the o2 academy is to the west end would take you at least 30 mins, even if you know where you're going

    are you actually going to the gogol bordello show as well? cause there's a couple of good vegan cafes down the bottom end of the city center where we could get something to eat and a drink before then if you want (its also right next to the st enoch subway, which if you got it in time would take you more or less right to the door of the o2 academy).

    the kelvingrove museum is great, and free. that would be the only thing i would absolutely 100% recommend that i can think of at the moment
    monday night (or even afternoon) would be better than sunday night but sunday night's cool. be advised that the subway stops at 7.30 on sundays (FOR SOME FUCKING REASON). though we have a car and i can give you a lift wherever if you need it. are you staying in the city centre or what? gogol bordello are playing at the academy which for me could hardly be in a more inconvenient location and still be in the city (its also a horrible, horrible venue). let me know where you plan to be, what you're doing or what and we can grab a pint somewhere near wherever you are
    oh, if you're coming back to london then don't worry, you can keep it for that.

    like I said, certainly not need back urgently or anything so don't worry if you're going to have use for it soon.
    hey pearl, do you still have abbi's oyster card? it doesn't really matter since it was a spare anyway but I thought that since you'll be back in the country soon, if you've still got it it'll be cheap and easy to post back. cheers.
    I live in paddington so I'm sorta near baker street, so I'll likely be able to take you there. the tube closes between midnight and 1am and doesn't open until about 5am but night buses are good, they're every twenty minutes max in most places.

    sounds like you know some of the stuff you want to do already so just let me know if you need a hand with anything else. hope you enjoy your time here!
    I had a chat with it and she's ok with you and your friend staying the night and being at her place anytime that she is or I am. she has uni that week but I only have to go in one day.

    so do you have anymore details or whatever at the moment?
    she hasn't expressed distaste for any of those, no.

    I don't know which she'd like best but she loves stuff that smells so good call.
    oh right. knew i got something mixed up there. i have family in mainland denmark and my grandpa (who is dying of cancer) owns property in lithuania

    i'm gotta get out there eventually. maybe not in time for you, though
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