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  • Now that I’m a mod, I see you lurking a lot in invisible mode. Although you don’t post anymore, I’d like to thank you for being in my corner since the rough days of 2007. You gave me my first nice usernote, and I’ve never forgotten it.
    Remember that usernote you gave me many years ago? "Pretty well spoken for an eleven year old." I think that was a compliment, and if it was, I'm here to say thank you, six years later.
    well i had always caught the odd episode in syndication, but over the last few months i worked my way through the whole series front to back, and i'm not at the point where i can distinguish seasons yet. ham radio was a highlight for sure, definitely a top five. i liked daphne's room a lot and the one where they started the restaurant. i hated daphne's mom but i didn't find the show unbearable like the general opinion seems to be. it's so funny to read that message board and see how similar it is to this place, what with season 11, etc
    Weird, I'm on my 3rd rewatch as well. I'm showing my girlfriend the entire Buffy-verse. Riley is like...totally fine. Seriously. I get why people hate Dawn, but Riley is often funny and nice and likable. In fact he's so likable Buffy had to dump him (sort of.)
    I actually recently became a member there. ^_^ I'm "Authoress". And it does seem like a very friendly forum, albeit much less active than NHC sadly. :(
    Bonjour, mon amie. :) I saw all the Frasier ideas you posted on Dewey's profile and deemed necessary my friendship with a fellow Frasier lover--and such a seemingly avid one at that.
    Thanks, I'll visit the pages and read them.

    By the way... this freeweb.com could be useful for me.
    Thank you! I haven't worked on that series in a while, but it did go through some changes after I left - I changed its name to "Pokémon: The Next Generation", I made it a little more satirical, and I added the Diamond and Pearl characters after they were introduced on the real show. Every so often, I still return to it and think up a new idea or two - I've got some concept drawings for it in my DeviantArt gallery.
    I guess I can check out Frasier ones

    I actually seen yours in the old archives (especially the one with Lisa and Jake) and they were quite good, to say the least. But since it's your personal choice, oh well
    What could possibly make you think the porn redirect is normal? :P

    He's getting banned for it fo' sho'.
    Supermarket work is the best work, as long as you steal enough to make it worth while.
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