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    wow its so totally different to what i was expecting
    awesome! any chance you've heard his collab with stephen mathieu called 'heroin'? its the best! endless amounts of great pieces on there

    theres also the remix disc which has the fennesz tune 'codeine' which is essentially the greatest piece of music
    i'd post about it but doubt anyone else would do it and you're prob more interested in this music anyway

    you have right? well it'd be rad if you could get either one/or both of these records (ekkehard ehlers alias) for me. they apparently don't exist anywhere else online and im verging on obsessive with ehlers these days

    the smallest ones will do
    Dunno if you like Lou Barlow but if you do he's playing an Acoustic show at Zulu records tonight at 7! Then Sebadoh at the Rickshaw later tonight!
    you ever make chopped/screwed tracks? i just started chopping/screwing reggae tracks. conceptually this is the best idea ever
    thats awesome. it def blends well
    been digging your spring break track. esp love the change at 3:35, so dope
    peep the brazilian fuzz guitar bananas comp i posted. fucking killer. so many good things to sample as well
    haha sure is. I forgot I linked you to that when we were talking about doooom metal a while back.

    I'll keep it with curtis for a while and see who wins out.
    yeah, i rented it a bunch of times as a kid also. i enjoyed it back then but playing it through recently and man.. it's so monotonous and boring as hell. the animation at the end of each race was basically the only good thing about it. still worth playing again for the nostalgia value though, if nothing else
    yeah. read it last week and that line had me grinning

    "Moloch!" would also make a good username
    yeah man, it is. i downloaded the rom yesterday and found myself perplexed by that animation. terrible yet awesome game
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