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  • well i'm not really a level 42 fan, but my friend showed me that video a while ago and the song and bass solo both reminded me of something that would sound good at a comedy club
    this is kinda dumb, but i enjoyed the colored ones more, for the most part.

    Have you written any scripts of Maggie and Eric, or have you just written the scripts I've seen by you in I&S Studious?
    Yeah, but just occasional character portraits. Once Fall sets in, I'll be doing much bigger pictures with 'gasp!' backgrounds again.
    I've seen a lot of suggestive ones, mostly with Jessica i think it is. I think i saw that one. Do you still draw occasionally to?
    huh, only 15. Is it like gross, or something? Will i know it when i see it?
    ah. And then in Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, Homer says he is 39 {or 38} and they both have probably aged since then.

    don't you also draw pictures of characters? Or are there only the ones I've seen in I&S Studious?
    yea, their ages have changed, do you remember how old they were at the start? Now they are both like 42 or something...

    EDIT: I also asked if Eric was a baby because of the picture on your profile.
    so Bart and Lisa are 23 and 21, respectively? And how old is Eric, is he a baby? {Sorry for all the questions but i want to know background-ish stuff so i will like it more}
    so 6 years ago. I'll skim through those in a few minutes.

    Ah yea, i understand, I always try to make sure i don't re-use ideas. Though with me, i only have about 13 or so seasons, and they aren't as thought out as some could be.

    How old is Maggie in these? like 10 or so? Cause in one of the first episodes, Maggie becomes a camp counselor or something along those lines to 10 year olds.
    i see you have 46 seasons, I'm going to check them out. 2 questions if you don't mind:

    1. How long did it take you too get 46 seasons? You must have been planning this for a very long time.

    2. Are you gonna add more then 46?
    oh cool, that sounds interesting. As long as they never plan to have him return, and it is only in a fan script. I liked Russ, but i certainly don't ever wanna see him actually return in the show. can you post me a link or something to your website, i wanna view your Maggie and Eric episodes :)
    Nah, I haven't started it yet. I screwed up the last post and what I MEANT to say is it's a sequel to the movie, but it's set 12 years after the events in the Movie in "Maggie and Eric". So far, the only concrete ideas are the opening--The story begins on the 12th anniversy of "Dome Day", an anti-Indepence day celebrating Springfield's release from the Dome and, two, the vendetta Russ Cargil has in wanting to eradicate Springfield once and for all.

    I won't start this until I finish up a few other things first, though.
    you're writing a fan script sequel to the movie? have you started it, and if so, is it hard? I'm writing like 5 different scripts {3 with someone else}.

    And I've seen some of your Maggie and Eric ideas, you have some really nice ones.
    Oh yea! you mentioned that either here or in The Simpsons forums at TV.Com {i frequented there a while ago}. Something about how he is sterile, and then shouldn't have been able to have kids. I forgot you mentioning that, i thought he looked like that cause he DIDN'T want another kid.

    So what have you been up to?
    hey Jake! big fan of your writing and your drawings. Can i ask something though? How come in the picture of Eric above, Homer looks really ashamed? Is it because he didn't want another kid?
    Jake, can you provide a link, if you can, to the article where Dan was talking about Homer as a "dog trapped in a man's body"?
    I'm a big fan of your writing, and i was hoping you could take a look at mine, it's not very good and i need advice on how to make it better. Your the best there is so, could you help?
    the first full draft of act 1 of the 'siblings of questionable morals' is up, check the link posted on the group and any ideas for improvement that would lead it to be final drafts are welcome.
    Hey, Jake. Whatever happened to your post on the Season 20 Information Thread? Why did you delete it?
    how much in art education do you think one would need to draw fluently... like good enough to sketch out several panels of comics with good description of background, character view, action, etc.

    I dunno much. I have not taken anything pertaining to art education for 3 or 4 years (except for getting some tips from Simpsons Handbook and reading some pages from boring art theory book) and I just drew, but I think it's about time I need to learn some materials
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