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  • Blocking me everywhere won't help. It's almost so infuriating that I might just come knock on your door to talk. Now let me in. Don't play the "ignore every mention of Chris" game. Grow up, acknowledge me, and stop this immature nonsense. You are being an asshole.
    god, if I could take back some of my old tweets/posts, I would have. I was a lonely old high school senior who made wayyyy cool of stuff like pot, dringing underage.... I was dumb. I thank you for understanding.
    I don't know if we talked that much a few years ago, but thank you for responding to some of the things I said; I know in the past I made a reputation for myself for being a stoner/drinker, not anyone caring what I said... but thank you. I wish I could take back that personality I made for myself, but...
    I *did* make a post saying I didn't want to keep updating it and asked for it to be locked. Several posts even iirc. And then mentioned it in my signature straight up and had that on there for at least a few weeks. Hell I'm surprised even that much didn't get the regulars getting on my back about attention seeking or something. Like there's no way most people couldn't have noticed if they were paying any attention. I hadn't even stopped entirely, just not sharing things here and I don't think anyone noticed.

    .. 'sides, outside of the closest handful of people I've had it proven time and time again as recently as the start of last month that peoples' "appreciation" (when not describing me as creepy or a freak or probably calling me cringey behind my back) is, at best, totally fair-weather. Even in nicer communities than this that didn't have a hate-on for the characters I focused on. I don't exactly have anything to prove that it'd be any different here.
    It’s not surprising when I saw the same post say 2.5/10 I was like wait I saw this on iMDB as well.

    I’ve almost never given any episode of any show that low. Even the worst Family Guy episode ever is at least a 4/10.
    Oh you must be that AiksenSuper guy the one that gave the pilot of Duncanville a 2.5/10? The one who dislikes the recent Simpsons but can find the recent family guy pretty decent.
    qlso spamming the forum ffs oss it gets 1 post a day and we dont even do it much on the forum
    That's the only episode I've seen this season; I watched it because the premise sounded relevant and fresh. I quite liked it, honestly. I laughed a fair amount, but can't remember many of the jokes now, as per usual. Milhouse being the leader of that sheltered male club was a hilarious concept, and I wish more was done with it. Everything involving Krusty and the Itchy and Scratchy show itself brought a laugh. Most importantly, for a topical episode, no one was put on a soapbox and all the characters had their own selfish motives for their actions. They also didn't go for the cop-out ending of the rebel girls doing something terrible, leading someone to explain that their group is just as bad as Milhouse's. The very last scene was awesome.
    Sorry for the late response!

    Are these solo projects, or are you in some kind of group? Also, is this a full-time thing? It sounds like the kind of thing you can learn quickly from mistakes doing; to an extent, you make your own rules, even if you're not your own judge. I've never been involved in acting or anything that creative, but I co-manage a fansite for a computer game I like, which is going quite well.

    I'm heading towards a legal career, which I'm invested in. I'm doing a four year sandwich law degree; I'm in my third year, a placement year. In my placement, I work in the Home Office, if you've ever heard of them? Essentially, I deal a lot with litigation challenges to immigration decisions; most of them involve asylum or human trafficking. At least I'm allowed to sit at a desk for eight hours and send as many rude emails as I like to senior civil servants.
    Hey mate! I'm flattered that you remembered about me. Guess I must've been that odd. I'm doing well, I think, making headway career-wise and knowing new people. What have you been up to over the last few years? I still end up checking in here sometimes after watching old episodes on my recorded list and like to keep touch with how terrible the new episodes sound (even though I don't watch most of them).
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