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  • Watched DBZ. Loved the joke with Krillin letting Gero in, and the one where Gero asks himself how he put his brain into his android body. Android 13 reference was good and totally did not expect those voices for 17 and 18, but loved them!

    16 next episode, should be fun.
    Now that season 16 is out it is time we start the thread for the season 17 release.

    One thing I should probably say is that with season 17, we are probably coming to the point in which this season and all others afterward will most likely be bought mostly by the fans that are completeists.

    Something else about this season is that it is the one where when the season begins airing, the Family Guy revival was in full force plus American Dad had recently began its run.

    Not only that, this is the season where in my opinion, I have noticed that the number of people who have accused The Simpsons (mostly fans of Family Guy but also some Arrested Development fans since at that time Arrested Development was on life support) of overstaying its welcome have skyrocketed.

    To me season 17 is where "Zombie Simpsons" began.

    What do you think of this season and will you buy the release.
    Cool. When the deadline hits, we'll basically each say what are favorite stories were and come to a consensus from there.
    Yeah, don't sweat it. Lend me your email so I can forward our first entry to you.
    Hey do you want to be the third judge alongside Jims and I for the t-shirt giveaway contest?
    Well I guess the problem with a Brit making a review thread is that I don't really know when it airs in the US because obviously I don't live there and the only thing I can go off of is the fact that the day I make the thread is the same day it airs. I don't know when it airs exactly in what time zone, I just know the date. And I guess I only like making them as I sort of want to make my own little personal contribution to the site.
    Well I'm not all that bothered really, I was just a little annoyed that my thread got closed even when it should've been all clear from my p.o.v. But thanks anyway.
    So you think I give a crap about what time it is in whatever timezone? It's the November 10th, and that's the day the episode airs so I don't get what would be wrong about making a thread for said episode today.
    I think it's just been over-used and people want a serious poll. I guess it depends if the poll is serious or not in the first place, however.
    Still no DBZ Abridged? Ugh.

    How does Pokémon X and Y compare to the other games/gens for you?
    OK i'll try to think of one. but uh, if i forget and you don't hear back from me by friday then you can just pick one for me if you want.
    I watched the latest Yugioh Abridged

    It was actually pretyy good raspy! Why did you dislike it?
    Food type Pokémon?

    I imagine that ice cream cone, Luckitung and etc. being part of his team...
    Just watched DBZ. It wasn't bad, really but it seems like the series has it's edge a little. It's not consistently funny as it was during the Saiyan and Frieza sagas but that might be because nothing really happens early into the Android saga...however it's their fault for taking so much time in the first place!
    My internet services is a little glitchy at the moment. Line my nomination up for the following week. It should be fixed by then; that's why I had some difficulties replying.
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