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  • I watched it. It was decent? I like how they introduced Cell's character but the episode itself didn't exactly really move the series forward.
    Ah, at long last? The movie and Kai kind of got in the way there!

    I'll watch it later. I'm watching a Phoenix Wright play through!
    Papa Bear is Jims.

    Smash gets its own thread because it will be big when it releases (and there's pre-release hype to consider) in terms of organising tournaments/match ups. If Kart and Pokémon can have their own thread to be discussed in depth so can Smash which is Nintendo's biggest multiplayer title. Nintendo thread is more about news and opinions re: Nintendo games that aren't exactly going to provoke pages of discussion (due to no online and/or lack of NHCers interested in said franchise) imo.
    Ah yes! I watched it yesterday! Got to agree with what you say about Cell's voice, surprisingly fitting and I thought it was the actual Funi dub actor voicing him. Great impersonation! Making Mr. Sandman sound terrifying was a weird but enjoyable joke.

    Haha the president dog. Forgot about him but the episode jarred my memory.

    I did like the Piccolo-Kami stuff as well. Gohan and his mysteries!
    Okay then! I am pretty sure i be able to handle it even though it might be though at times but im sure it was pretty though for you aswell. Its good that you can update the title as i cant since i am not a mod. I start the thread sometime today when i have time.
    Well i would still be up for a weekly episode club and im sure many others would too so i could start the thread and manage it instead. Okay with that?
    Hi man, not been on a lot these days. You alright?

    There's a new DBZ Abridged from a week ago. It's ok despite being filler. Loved the Kame House jokes, the Trunks not knowing what the current timeline fads are joke and the Androids had a few good moments. Tien's shoulders was a nice little gag as well!
    I just tagged my entire friends list because I figured they might be interested in reading it
    Yeah I watched it last night haha. It was a bit weird to watch it...it just looked 'cleaner' and sharper than the others somehow. It was OK but I think the next episode (or 42) might be where Cell comes into play which is where I think the Android saga will kick off.
    I think NHC Weekly Episode Club 4.1 is in order due to the one-month break that's coming up from 1/26 to 3/9 for the Winter Olympics and whatnot. Thoughts?
    Hi, thanks for reminding me.
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