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  • hey man awesome! sorry for the late response, and i'm sure you probably looked into them already but, if you want stuff in the same vein, find their debut album 'Gettin' Smooth With It' first. make sure to find the original version that has 'How You Gonna Play Me' on it, for some reason they took that great song off on the re-issue. 'Crazy About You' is for sure my favourite off the record, and 'Sexy Sexy' is very 'Cutie' sounding. their second album 'You Be The Judge' upped the production, but it's still great. 'Nothin' But A Party' is one of the best hip-hop songs ever if you ask me.
    Ah, that's a shame, cheers for what you found though! Still really feeling that song, got some proper punk feel to it.
    Bit random, but i'm really digging that Barbie Army track from the Showdown. I don't really know where else I can find any of their stuff though! Help a brother out?
    hello dear, how are you doing today hope all is well i please contact me through this email for more introduction
    Sorry for mentioning you and then deleting it, I thought you had broke the rules in the elimination thread but you hadn't.

    Also, you should post more.
    u thumbed up swoony's post "close this crap" in my baby bottle pop thread. explain yourself.
    guy named Nick, Massachusetts, Mother Simpson avatar, Descendents album rank list. it all added up pretty easily.
    i believe i just stumbled upon your RYM profile while perusing Minutemen reviews. ClamShack?
    Sorry I took a while to reply, yeah I love Bruce. Born to Run and Born in the USA are generally considered his best work, but personally i'd say all of his first 8 albums were pretty much golden. Not a great fan of his 90's work but that's just my personal taste you may as well try them. Wrecking Ball is really good too, definitely recommend that one.
    doolittle has most of my favorite songs but surfer rosa is a better overall album, if that makes sense
    I just got it from another forum, You will need to compress it I guess since it was 18MB which makes the mods upset breaking rules and such.
    Well, that ranking's a little outdated, but I simply just don't like it as much as other seasons.
    The Else is also a pretty neat album, although a bit more divisive, with a really wide range of styles from "With the Dark" to "The Shadow Government" to something goofy like "The Mesopotamians".
    Ah, that's a tricky question to answer. I have to admit that I know their earliest stuff pretty well (Lincoln, Flood, Apollo 18) but I've kind of lost track of their mid-to-late 90s years... Your visitor message has reminded me that I need to go back and finally listen to those whole albums. I did pick up most of their later albums when they were released, though (although I skip the kids stuff).

    Of their later stuff, I recommend Join Us. It's probably the biggest "throwback" kinda album from them, sounding very much like their earlier stuff... Although maybe a tad more mellow overall. I recommend "Canajoharie", "Never Knew Love", and "The Lady and the Tiger".
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