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  • I made your avatar transparent if you want to use it:

    I don't doubt that's it's tiring on both ends. The problem there is that you're trying to win a battle with your only backup on here being people who have come out with bigoted shit, it makes you look bad when that's what your cause is represented by, and giving any support towards that sort of thing makes you look even worse. Surely given those circumstances it shouldn't be that shocking to you when people give you a hard time.
    I've haven't seen what he said since he's on my ignore list, as he's clearly a bit of a troll but I would have predicted he would come flying in with some cheap dig. Both him and his mate seem to have gotten into the habit of calling people on here "cowards" recently. A tad ironic seeing as they just throw it out there without picking anyone out.

    I don't think they have any sense of humour, or irony tbh. Fair enough fight social justice on your twitter timelines but this is a simpsons messageboard and 95% of the posts here are tongue in cheek
    I've seen posts of yours in the past relating to this stuff, and as was recently brought up in the "Change Your Race" thread by Paddlin' "You asked during the IdiotDetector thing why there are never any "noble warriors" fighting for the cause. It's because it's not a noble cause.", so any time I see this shit popping up it just grows more tiresome with each instance.

    I won't drag this out, because that quote put it about as well as it possibly could be put.
    It does seem that way. Shame, a couple of years ago this was a much more relaxed place. There was once a thread in gen discussion entitled "Two dicks one vagina", and the OP was the picture you would imagine. And that thread was by a mod ffs lol
    Ever notice how it's always the same people in those threads that never otherwise post? They're just there to pick up free thumbs and start crapping on some member they've never seen post before.
    Hey, could you pick 8-13 episodes to nominate for being voted out in the Elimination Tournament thread in the Noiseland Arcade? The list of remaining episodes is in the last post of page 10.
    I saw that you've won three geography bees. The only times I ever had a chance to compete in those was in junior high, which I was only in for two years because the school was transitioning from a junior high to a middle school (so 9th grade would be in high school instead of junior high), so I only had a chance to be in two. I came in second place both times and lost to the same person both times. He was a literal genius. He was actually on the Jeopardy Teen Tournament a while back.
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