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  • Haha that's good.
    I'd be willing to put in as much time as I'd need, just because I really need some extra cash. It probably would be tough work but I'm ready for a challenge. Pretty much all I do at my current job is push carts for people.
    Right, can't go wrong with having friends haha
    Yea, I'm thinking factory job. I'd get more money in the long run too.
    I used to hate the taste but I've gotten used to it. I go on this site more than any other site I go on. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube... Well, there are still some fans but there's a fair group of... well i don't wanna say 'haters' but i dunno what else to call them haha.

    I might not be on later tonight, but I'll definitely be looking forward to talking to you later
    I do not, no. It's irritating but I don't have much going on outside of work so it's not like it intervenes with my personal life too often.

    Good that the medicine is working. I always hated taking medicine as a kid haha.
    I think the only way I'd leave this site would be if I too had no internet or a way on here. But if I have internet... I need this site, y'know haha.
    I hope you do!

    I haven't been happy with it for a while. Well he's kinda tall and when he first started he was rather quiet and tall and quiet intimidate me haha. Plus I'd seen him look angry before and he looks like he could be a really violent person. But like I said now we talk and he's actually really nice
    I usually work 5 days and have 2 off. But it's random. This week, for instance, I have today and tomorrow off. Next week would be Monday and Friday for all I know haha.

    Well, I hope you feel better. Glad you got your internet back- how'd you live without it for so long haha. I hate coming back from breaks too for that same reason, but give it time and it should feel relatively the same. It does for me.

    Yeah, I'm not eager to work ever. There's literally one person who I like working with, and that's only because he's the only person who actually seems nice and funny and interesting to talk to. Which is kinda funny because he scared me when he first started haha
    My schedule is usually pretty inconsistent too, except for weekends. One day I could be working 5 hours, the next, 8.

    Sites online to watch 'em for free.

    Sorry to hear you're sick. Yeah, it certainly does stink not talking to you, you're one of my favorite people on here to talk to.

    Unfortunately :/
    That bites. I usually work mornings/afternoons so I'm good with nights and being able to watch shows. Or I just find torrents online.

    Yeah, you should totally start coming here again. I wasn't a mod, but I was on the lipz crew, that might be what you're thinking of?
    sup neptune.

    yea, it's picked up a decent amount i'd say. plus the new season just started

    I've been thinking about getting an indoor job, and stocker sounds alright. Anything's better than my current job haha.
    It especially sucks when it's snowy.

    I've been thinking, keeping my options open, stuff like that.
    I've also tried the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of the game aswell. They have some cool additions, but the simplicity of the original is a large part of its appeal.
    yea, not as many people as there used to be. but that does mean you get to know some members pretty well.

    I work at a retail store in Michigan called Meijer. I push carts generally. Not the best job but it pays, y'know? haha. I'm torn between going to school or not. I kinda wanna just continue writing, occasionally sending them to people(or trying to), and seeing what they think. But that could take forever.

    And no, I honestly don't even remember what "The Frighteners" is
    yea, I've been losing a little bit of interest in the site myself, so I've (mostly) stepped down from posting a lot. that's good to hear. I've been working quite a bit.

    I am sadly not, but I do astill write my own scripts from time-to-time. here's hoping one day...
    oh my god! hey, yeah it has been quite some time haha. It's going good, how about yourself.

    haha yeah the site changes quite a bit doesn't it.
    oh ): Nah, it was just auto assembly work...nothing special.
    I want to pre-order it...its just I already own the EU version..sigh. Its hard for me to double dip.
    Oh I'm sorry about that!
    No I haven't played it in awhile.
    Oh I've heard of that game before. I hope you enjoy it!
    nothing wrong with that.
    it was kinda boring tbh, but it wasn't god-awful.
    god, that sucks. that thing's still gone?
    You're welcome. That's good to hear! They were great thanks.

    Oh I'm sorry about that. Yeah it's really fun. I'm only in the third dungeon but I can't wait to play more!
    hey, it's going good, thanks. you? eh, i've had better holidays, but they weren't terrible. you?
    It's going well, thank you. Happy holidays!

    I miss you too! Sorry I haven't been on recently. Are you all talking about Skyward Sword?
    i don't listen to commentaries a lot, but i presume that's why a lot of people came here.
    yea, people like that are best to avoid, if at all possible.
    yea, making stuff up is the easiest thing to do. and yea, it is dumb. the point of volunteering is to volunteer because you want to, not because you have a dumb requirement to do. if only the school would realize this.
    haha yea, that would be cool. maybe one day.

    hey, i'm pretty tired so i'm going to go to bed. it's nearing 2:40 here. It was nice talking to you again, hopefully we can chat again in the not so far future. TTYL
    i searched something about the s11 DVD back before it was out and was linked here.
    yea seriously i hate people like that. it's like, I don't judge you for being an atheist or for not believing what I believe, so don't judge me for not believing in what you believe.
    yea, my school sucks. remember the 60 hrs of community service requirement? Yea, I still need 38 hours haha. i'm probably just going to make stuff up haha.
    yep, i've wanted to be a tv writer for a long time now.
    (original message was too long)

    s13/14 is right around the time i started watching the show, so it is interesting to see how the episodes hold up.

    yea, my friend draws comics a lot and he put that one on facebook. it was my profile picture for the longest time.
    a moderator convinced me to change my name to joe miller, which you may or may not know/remember was my name on here a while back. when i get older i want to make my own tv shows and i have made up many characters' personas. Joe Miller is the funny, laid back dude who usually has some comedic quip to say. Percy Wellington is an annoying over-achiever and a guy who is too smart for his own good.

    i dunno if my posting style has ever resembled those, but oh well haha
    yea, definitely.
    haha. if mine is ever not working i can use one of the school's mini laptops, but those suck.
    a guy i know told me i was a moron and pointed to my religion as the main reason. this was person-to-person, this guy went to my school. i still hung out with him occasionally, but he was.. not the nicest guy in the world, to say the least. so yea, i know what it's like when people make fun of your religion.
    yep. one more semester left of school! haha. Yea, I plan on going to college. I got accepted to a college called Baker, but it's kinda a cheat 'cause they have Open Enrollment and so pretty much everybody who applies gets in. But it's good because one of the requirements at my school to graduate is acceptance to a 4-year college, and it does seem nice.
    patience is a virtue. it's a virtue i don't have.
    yea see, i couldn't live like that. haha.
    yea, i sometimes forget inactive members on sites, but usually they are people i didn't talk to much anyway.
    yea, my living situation is good. granted, i'm still in high school right now, so...
    well that's good. i hope you enjoy it. sounds pretty nice.

    I'm hoping to either get it for Christmas, or to get it as soon after Christmas as I can. dang, that sucks! a year or two ago i had like 200 bucks stolen from me.

    yea, it wasn't. if you click the link to my Twitter profile in my signature, you'll see a caricature of me though that a friend drew.
    of course i remembered you haha.
    that's my problem, little patience.
    you should return here.
    yea, i really enjoyed talking to you on here.
    that sucks. thanks, i hope things are good for you, too.
    sorry, but what is Bjork? yea, i already know what i got, all i got is the iPhone. I might get s14 of the simpsons, but otherwise the phone's all i got. totally worth it though, i love that thing.
    yea, android phones seem cool. for some reason i REALLY wanted an iPhone and finally got one, just a couple weeks ago. it's great.

    oh, and no, that's not a picture of me, it's a picture of a rapper i listen to named Mac Miller.
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