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  • I've decided to stop watching the new episodes. I'm so tired of the series now, and season 20 is one of the worst. It and season 19 seem cold and not full of bounce as the other seasons did. Yeah seasons 17 and 18 but they were still there to entertain you...

    I don't really see how you can still watch the show, as you give almost every new episode a 1/5...but I suppose you just want to see it to the end.

    I've still yet to see Eeny Teeny, I doubt it'll save me from stop watching the new ones.
    I've yet to see Eeny Teeny. I'm seeing all the episodes in order - Loan Again is the latest that I've seen.

    Yeah, the HD animation is more...crisp? Although the shapes and sizes of the characters is weirdly proportioned at times, but it doesn't really bother me that much.
    I'm enjoying it much more than I would have expected.

    The first two were average, Double Double I thought was really fun. Then they came a maul of forgettable and the most terrible episodes I've seen in a while (Mypods *yuck*), it didn't peak up until Lisa The Drama Queen IMO.

    I can see why you don't like Take My Life Please, it's not only another flashback/future episode that ruins the continuity, the camera control and animation is awkward, the story is pathetic, forgetable and without direction. However, I myself didn't mind it and gave it a 2.5/5.

    How the Test Was Won is my favourite of the season so far.
    Whilst No Loan Again, Naturally felt fresh like Test, but wasn't so good.

    So far it's better than season 19 and 17 for sure, but can't compete with my favourite bland season - 18.
    Ohk - I didn't like it that much. I'm not fond of episodes that bend the format dramatically like that (e.g. Trilogy of Error, Seemingly Never Ending Story) although I like 24 Minutes and 22 Short Films About Springfield.
    Pretty much. If I had to compare it - it would be almost as good as We're On The Road to D'ohwhere.
    I thought THOH XVIII, was very funny. Although you might not like it as it's not your traditional THOH, if you know what I mean - pretty much avoids being scary and doesn't use many horror stories (1/3)
    Looking on Treehouse of Horror XIX R & R - Glad there's some one who thinks that episode is not good. ;)
    Ok. Is Holy Guest Star one of your least favourites, because of the making fun of catholics theme?
    Well it was ok. Really random and bland.

    Nothing really wrong with it, lacking some substance/postive feelings.

    To me it's just not an episode I can divert hatred towards.
    I liked it on my first viewing.

    But I'm going to watch it again tonight, so I'll inform you if that attitude towards it has changed.
    I've only seen Pies and Idiot Scrapes of that season, so I wouldn't know.

    I liked the musical montages especially the White Stripes one, Lisa's jealousy over her brother and the ending was quite sweet. I mean I'm not saying I love it, it's poorly constructed and has got some bad jokes, I'm just saying I don't consider it Worst Episode Ever material like you do.
    There is a real difference between us. I actually liked Jazzy and the Puzzycats. Although I've yet to see Take My Life Please.
    yeah pretty much the whole "affair" thing seemed forced and put-on. Family bath was cute though.
    I've yet to see 20 personally, I'm mid-through season 19. I didn't like Eternal Moonshine that much, despite many users saying it was really good, an exceptional episode. It just felt like the medicore Seemingly Never Ending Story, to me...
    17 was pretty bad - yeah definitely the worst. Although 16 is a close competitor. With 10 in first place - I am entitled to my opinion! And here's why I would rather see a standard modern era season than a badly made season trying to be a classic era season.
    Yeah, I hate the show not being able to express itself in that way (despite it being nudity), as censorship is pretty irritating.

    Yeah you have :D
    Personally season 16 and 17 suck, and despite me liking the creativity of season 18 and the season as a whole, I have to admit it's not as good as the earlier years.
    I've seen too much of season 2 lately, I might change my mind, it is a good season equal/slightly better than season 1, but for now I won't choose it.

    As much as I enjoy season 6, and I know this might be a stupid reason to not buy it but it has so much nudity in it that it's appalling. I dislike nudity because it's not only arrousing but it's unneccessary. For me, nudity just reminds me of sex and such, and I don't want to have that in my face, whilst trying to enjoy myself with a TV show.

    It's an incredibly stupid thing and habit I know, but everyone's different we all like and dislike different stuff.
    I'm slowly getting them. Only got those ones last year.

    I'm going to be getting 1,3,4,7,8,13,14,18 over the course of a few years.
    But I'll only be getting 16 and 17 if the commentary is good.
    Elephant and Vigilante, are weak, I agree.

    The jury and court stuff are good, I also like the build up, and Homer's kind-of subplot that's built in - I thought that was genius.

    Having only seasons 5 and 10 as DVDs, I would also have a fairly up-to-date view on season 5, how many of the DVDs have you got??
    Bart the Lover - yeah it's not one that's clear in memory. I'll have to watch it some time.

    I suppose that's like my favourite The Boy Who Knew Too Much, both are indeed not discussed enough as they obviously deserve.
    The endings are good - And Maggie Makes Three is fantastic, but Lisa's First Word just seems much weaker to me, and putting the ending into slow-motion using VLC player, kind of ruined the emotional cute impact for me, LOL.

    Lisa's Wedding has a brilliant ending, yes, and has some very strong material throughout.
    I think I may just love it so much, because of just having seeing it once, my opinion will probably die down of it, over time and repeated sessions - it's not a too sophisticated episode after all...

    Anyway, back to your favourites.

    -I think Hurricane Neddy is skillfully done, and there is some delicious dark humor in there.
    -Summer of 4 Ft. 2 is ok, but the way it's done isn't to my taste.
    -Likewise with You Only Move Twice, which imo is the better of the two - and I do watch Bond so I get most of the jokes.
    -Lisa's First Word is fairly good for me, because I enjoy flashback episodes, as my favourites prove - but after seeing it so many times, it's not as brilliant as it was on first viewing, if you get my jist...
    Yeah it's very underrated, as is the whole of season 1 like you said.

    I agree, some people just can't let go that it was just a good epiode where they wanted to forget about continuity - it hd years since we had a flashback episode to 1980s Marge and Homer, why can't people let that go?
    Those are good episodes, not fond of You Only Move Twice though.

    My favourites would have to be Life on the Fast Lane, When Flanders Failed, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Lisa's Wedding and having just watched it for the first time - That 90's Show
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