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  • Ok. Just checked out your overall rankings, I forgot you weren't fond of season 18 that much...but all the others make sense.

    Personally, your season 21 rankings are full of Fs. :D
    But I know how much you love the classic era, and all of us know that these bland seasons feel like we're watching nothing. So I won't argue with you. ;)
    Yeah, abit more excited than you though (4/5) and you find it not as good as THOH XVI and earlier, whilst I find it not as good as THOH XIV and earlier. Still at least we agree on something. ;)

    Yeah, that's a superb avator. But it's going to be harder getting used to, you've been a question mark for ages. :D
    The HD format? Yeah that'll be interesting.

    Do you know if they're still doing 3 stories?
    I agree - I think you misinterpret what I said.

    I say it's like classic era - but obviously not classic era, or I would be rating it 5. It just had the set mould for it and the copy-clone-story of Homer They Fall, yet not providing the neccessary quality goods. I mean Marge in a fight was just a plot that was quite unlikeable for me and the jokes were just awful throughout.

    But this is the first episode in ages that to me, seems to be daring with weird plot angles and the plot itself feels alive, bubbly and not at all bland, if quite stupid, imo. This is why I rate it so high. ;)
    Just watched all the current season 21 episodes.
    Whopper - 3/5 (harmless fun, but a lame episode)
    Z - 1/5 (boring, bland, hated all the facebook references and etc)
    Hope - 3/5 (best of the season, probably just because breaking Marge's character
    mould and a focus on the story for a change, but oh well)

    I know you'll despise all my ratings for this ;) But season 21 feels more alive to me, and as someone said in the Great Hope thread, it's just the classic era re-written with the character roles changed.
    Ok. I'll still watch season 21, because although knowing it will be crap - (the plot descriptions sound absolutely terrible, imo) the addictive opening draws me in with all its gimmicks...:/
    Aw that'll be cool to read, I'm sure it'll be better than the show, lol.

    I just finished the entire season 20 - Just awful. And I thought people said it gets better in the second half of season 20? Really after The Good, The Sad and The Drugly, the run of medicore entertainment reduces to new lows. :(
    Yeah and at least Scully kept the jokes quick-fire and short, I seriously can't tell in the Jean era where one joke ends and the next one begins...basically they are so drawn out, pointless and over-long, which I've found more annoying that Scully's over-the-top nature, imo.
    Hmmm, I've learnt to expect anything from new episodes... :-/

    Yeah, I kind of see your point, season 11 is very muddled...

    Yeah, it actually feels lively in that retrospective, unlike the 17-20 which is as dull as doorknobs.
    The Great Wife Hope - from the episode description is sounds weak. So I suppose you gave it a 1? :P

    Yeah, I read it - but couldn't really think on how to comment it. So I'll do that now:
    Season 13 is a very nostalgic season for me and being the first Al Jean solo it's pretty good. Season 11 in my opinion is much better than 10 and 12 for certain - I hate season 10 because it really feels like a transition from normality to humour based - which it is. :P And season 12 isn't funny and isn't likeable to me - maybe because it was Scully was getting tired of being showrunner?

    Season 9 is like you said a transition season, but it has much better episodes and a more likeable feel, imo.
    No, I'm just pointing it out. But of course you can if you reallly want to. ;)

    What season 21 episode was it? :c
    Oh, it's from In The Name Of the Grandfather - the scene with the jacuzzi thing.

    Just a suggestion, but if you can't think of an avator for yourself, you should just pick a framegrab like I did - Anyways it's just a suggestion. ;)
    Here's how my ordering would stand right now.

    The rest don't really don't matter much to me, though 16 is better than any season after it IMO.

    I realize I forgot to mention 9. I guess I consider it a transition from classic to post-classic so it didn't fully fit either criteria haha. It would be above those I listed there.
    I'm looking forward to season 13, it's one of my favourite post-classic seasons.

    I think 9 would be the best, then 11, then 13, then 14, then 12, then 10, then 15.

    I'm curious - What's your favourite post-classic season?
    My favourites of S12 and 13, eh?

    Well probably HOMR and Trilogy of Error for S12. With HOMR being the better one.

    S13 is hard for me I suppose maybe Blame It On Lisa and Sweet and Sour Marge. I couldn't really choose between them, to be honest...
    Yeah it's an amazing emotional episodes, in fact as I might already have told's one of my favourites!
    Yeah, but that was when the series was more grounded, less on the jokes and more for the normal household stuff...well prop it against season 1 and you'll know what I'm talking about...
    ha ha. That would be a very wild season - full of unpredictable hilarous episodes - although I don't think there would be many emotional episodes. Swartzwelder's really for the jokes. ;)
    Yeah, all the new ones are so lifeless and bland, they are totally incomparable to any episode before then. Season 20 especially.

    It's like the writers only put the basic need of love into each episode...
    I enjoyed it actually, and the montage is terrific, I've rewatched the montage like 10 times, the teaming of the kids were good but I disagree I found the Grampa subplot to be a slightly fun light piece of plot, whilst the heavy stuff was going on. I didn't like the ending though, imo.
    Yeah, I agree.

    Just curious but did you like Catch 'em If you Can?

    Fans here are very equally divided on opinion of this one. It's either really hated or really liked. What's your opinion?
    Yeah, season 7 is amazing - Simpsons is really a 90s thing. It didn't really translate very well to the 00s, with the predictable stories, random humour and generic comedy. :(

    I see the Haw Hawed Couple has been eliminated in the All-Time Episode Elimination Thread, you've been wanting that gone for some time now, haven't you?
    Yeah Lisa's role in these days are horrible.

    Hey, I was wondering if you could possibly tell me over the next few months, how season 21 if there are any outstanding episodes like Eeny or such. And whether the season is better than 20. You don't have to if you don't want, I'm just curious about this next season and not willing to try it myself for fear of even more disapointment. :P
    Oh that's strange for once. ;)

    I thought you said season 17 was the worst? But yeah, as I've only really liked a few episodes this season, like you said it's definitely turning out to be the worst.

    btw, have you seen the horrific plots that are in the season 21 information thread, I would never have imagine the show to do some of those ever, and as for the other ones they just feel like retreads of other episodes...
    I just watched "Eeny Teny" have to say it wasn't brilliant, I didn't like the subplot, but it had a well-laid out story and alot of soul. I'd give it 3/5. I guess I'll just watch the new ones occassionally, but not all of them...
    Yeah possibly, the only ones I've liked of season 20 was Double Double and Test after all. I might watch Eeny Teeny in a minute, thanks to internet streaming. I'll tell you if I like it or not soon - if I don't like it, I definitely will not be watching the new ones...well only ones I'm really curious about.
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