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  • I'm still not sure why they got Elizabeth Taylor to say one line when it doesn't even sound like her but it's a great line reading all the same.
    Thank you for the friend request! I think we get along very well and your thoughts about the show are fun to read; they give me something to think about. Also, I fucking love the final scene of Lisa's First Word. So damn cute and touching. One excellent example of why Maggie is one of my favorite characters. :D
    whilst i never tear up at the show, i do agree those are two sweet moments
    yea, it was a small reference.

    But still, I agree. That's probably one of the best moments from the show IMO
    i hope you know my last message was a slight reference to Lenny's line about Ralph being president. But still, I agree, It is a great scene/moment
    i like your avatar, it gives me a sense everything's gonna be OK, even when it ain't :P
    hey you know you can still enter that Simpsons World Cup tournament.

    tom cody only found about it today and has chosen season 12 for himself.
    Phil Hartman has recorded in THOH IX ? I didn't know. Have you heard this in the DVD commentaries ?
    So you're still placing 21 above 20?

    I cannot hate season 20.
    I saw it in January on DVD in less than a week, and maybe that high tempo in watching new episodes made the mediocre stuff disappear in the light of enjoyable installments like Lost Verizon - Double, Double - Drama Queen - How the Test Was Won - Waverly Hills and of course Eeny Teeny Maya Moe, an episode that really means a lot to me.
    Yes, When You Dish Upon a Star has been produced before Bart the Mother, but aired after, and it was produced after Lost Our Lisa (they considered to be the last appearance of Hutz in the living of Phil Hartman).
    It was watching this episode yesterday that I noticed Hutz appeared in the court.
    Hi Nauru. A few times, you had organized a Troy McClure Elimination Thread and a Lionel Hutz Elimination Thread.
    You taken into account the appearence of Hutz in A Tale of Two Springfields :

    But you forgot an appearence of Hutz in When You Dish Upon a Star (between Helen Lovejoy and Marge) :

    And an appearence of Hutz and McClure together in Moe Baby Blues :
    Look. This is my city.

    So one day or another, you will surely visit it, I guess. (or maybe that already happened)
    In elementary school, my number was 5.
    It's also inspired on an Angel-episode, (the cautionary tale of numero cinco) which handles the question if there is any reward at all in trying to do the right thing.
    I checked out a couple songs. I'm mostly a fan of 60's and early 70's rock/pop so to be honest arabic music isn't really my tastes, but it was an interesting listen. Awesome that there's a site that allows free listens too.
    I added a link on my page that allows you to listen to arabic music for free. I want you to try and go there then pick the letter a then the singer is amr diab after that pick the 1992 album ayamna. finally pick the song elmady and let me know if you liked it
    hi, I recently discovered a post your picture thread. I was just wondering if you did post your picture over there
    I see that you have completed your rankings in User Notes. Even if I can't say that I totally agree with your notes, it's nice to see each opinion. :)
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