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  • No sweat, man. Enjoy the 4th.

    Not sure if you saw it tonight, but lol at Leyland getting tossed, check it on the highlights if you can.
    guess what came in the mail today

    one last shot at conversion

    bass doing bare minimum, kiedis not being a douche, general super dreamy vibe

    also: went with the headrush in the end. after looking up a few videos online, it's perfect for live stuff. basically tap on, tap off. and it has a better version of a danecho built into it. win win. the boss just seems to have a whole bunch of options that i don't need or want and it's more expensive.

    question: you know the headrush has a couple of modes, like delay and looper (echo too, but i'm not sure if yours would have it)? can you use two simultaneously? like, record a phrase, have it playing in the background, and have echo'd / delay'd stuff on top?
    Ah yes, I remember you for sure. Yeah, GD seems like it's gotten pretty bad. I vented a bit in a thread about whether the show could "ever return to classic status" (the basic jist of my posts: A) no it can't, and B) I'm beyond caring) but haven't posted a whole lot in there otherwise. I've realized recently that I don't think I've watched more than one or two Simpsons episodes this whole year, and that's old ones, not new ones. So I guess my interest in it is probably a little dead. But I've been sticking around in other areas of the board.
    Thanks! I don't know if I'll post a whole lot in GD (I have made a few posts there though) since I don't really the show anymore, but I'll see.
    dear nathan,

    i remember when we used to aim. imadeyouamixtape. god that's a long aim name. i used to aim a lot more member than i do now. anyway, you're great guy man. keep boarding hard.

    sincerely, santamac
    yeah its such a good selection. "bionic rats" is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. i've also wanted to spend several months listening to nothing but reggae/dub material and i actually did it earlier this year for 3 months almost exclusively. its most likely my favourite genre of music, in fact, thats pretty much all i've listened to this week as well.. so many great blogs for discovering rarer shit
    jonny greenwood's reggae compliation is so great
    Happened to see your birthday at the bottom of the main page. Have one on me later.
    hey, you look like you might have the shrooms I've been looking for in your pocket.
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