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  • Everytime I see your avatar I instantly think of the quote "That's MOE like it!" That's what his expression looks like :D
    So I see you buy Blu-Ray. Does it make a lot of difference when you watch an animated feature like 'The Princess and The Frog'?
    8 Misbehavin' and Alone Again, Natura-Diddly :)

    so is s11 your least favorite? or at least one of your least favorites?

    what's your favorite? or don't you have an all-time favorite. if not ,least favorite?

    it seems many consider it a weaker classic era season, but it is also my favorite
    that's kinda what i thought but i wanted to make sure. that's pretty clever :)
    i invented it myself, at least i haven't seen my name somewhere else.
    I had the idea when i was watching an episode from the simpsons where Lisa and Marge wanna play a board game and Lisa names some of the monopoly versions they have (for example edna krabappoly) and then i noticed that Moe Nopoly is only an E away from Monopoly and a legend was born ;)
    I'm pretty good.

    always been wondering, and it maybe stupid, but where did you get your name here?
    I'm also a fan of Ferrari, though my passion is "mothballed" because of Alonso and some nonsense of Montezemolo since 2005 or 2006.
    Really ? Seeing your posts, I thought you preferred Hamilton. :oops: I hope that Massa will stand up to Alonso, I don't like him.

    My favorite is Michael Schumacher.
    I read some people were kinda shocked with the portrayal of Batman at the end.

    Personally, my biggest problem with the DC original animated movies is the standalone factor of them.
    Is it so hard to let some of them share continuity?

    And I can live with three different Batman-voices, but not a new voice for every movie, please.
    "Under the Hood" looks promising, but AGAIN another actor will voice the Batman-character.
    Today, my "crisis on 2 earths"-DVD arrives.
    Have you seen that Spectre-short in the meanwhile?
    So, you saw the "crisis on 2 earths"-DTV. How was it if you compare it with previous releases?
    And how was the little Spectre-short they included?
    Hi Moe Nopoly, thanks for voting on my 2000s Episodes Elimination Thread.

    You picked "Million Dollar Abie" as one of your votes of elimination, fortunately for you it's already been eliminated. ;)

    So if you could please vote for something else instead, I would much appreciate it, thanks again.
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