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  • that sounds fun. the different ones, not the expensive part haha.

    why is kill bill 2 films? too much story?
    blue lagoon sounds pretty good. i can't drink anything unless it's mixed with something. you sound like you know good mixers haha.

    it's the only film of his i've seen other than pulp fiction
    out of what i listed UV was probably my favorite for the drink. it doesn't even taste bad, just like blueberries. anything Bacardi is decent though if you have Coke.

    right. all this talk is making me want to see the movie again haha
    i drink a bit of whatever. I've had the following drinks before: UV Blue, Jack Daniel's, Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Oakheart, Bacardi Gold, Burnett's, and Jager. most of that stuff's Vodka/Rum. tastes like shit haha but it's good if you mix it with like coke or mountain dew.

    if this was a film where people were being racist for the sake of it, that's one thing, but like you said, calling it disrespectful is akin to saying it never happened. as much as people don't like it, it did happen and pretending it didn't is just as bad. and yea, i liked it a lot
    That's awesome! I can't remember a time when I wasn't registered haha.

    I've heard many great things about it.

    I definitely agree. That does sound disturbing, let me know if anything noteworthy happens in the plot. Have you played Bioshock? What are your thoughts on it if you have?

    Haha! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Yeah, right now I'm satisfied with Win 7 tbh.
    I've never had spirits but I'm down to try 'em haha. I sometimes get, as you said, 'sloshed', but I can handle it if I'm with someone else who's doing it haha. sometime, after I get more money saved and if you're down of course, we can have a little to drink and watch tv or a movie or whatever it is you usually do.

    right, i don't remember who but someone said that seeing the movie, just seeing it, is disrespectful. I'm like "It really isn't. It's a movie and these things really happened."
    i usually call myself that when i can't do something that involves human interaction haha. like walking up to a girl i like. haha i can't really imagine you being drunk. one day if i ever meet up with you in the UK we gotta get drunk haha. sound like a plan? ^_^

    haha i know what you mean. i think the bigger issue is that they used it so many times. but like you said, it's accurate, as much as people don't like it
    i say that word quite a bit haha.

    haha yea things like that surprise me
    it's not even censored now on certain tv shows, so yea it's not that big a deal anymore.

    really? huh, i did not know that
    haha i say fuck a lot when angry.

    eh, can't really think of anything. maybe racial slurs, if those even count
    Me too, though I still don't use it as much as I used to.

    It really does sound cool, maybe I'll give it another try once I get around to playing SA2 again.

    Yeah I agree. I'm not usually scared by horror movies, unless they have a really disturbing premise.

    I heard the 360 version is amazing, so I'll play that version if I get around to it.

    Haha! I haven't used it since I was much younger, but I found it usable at least.
    i rarely use it myself but i don't see a huge problem with it. there's worse words out there
    haha apparently that joke was like controversial because that word's like not supposed to be on tv at all, even if it was part of the joke
    what do you have against Firefly?! haha nah i get what you're saying.

    yep. that's a pretty good episode too imo
    it's one of my favorite comedies, but it's definitely not for everyone.

    there's also an episode where they say the n-word like 40 times or something haha
    if it ever were to see the light of day i'd see it being the same rating as South Park, which here is TV-MA, for mature audiences. but i think south park is more vulgar overall. they have an entire episode where the focus is saying "Shit", uncensored, 162 times haha
    mine is definitely of the vulgar variety. lots of swearing and sex haha
    oh, right haha i get what you're saying.

    i'm kinda making fun of networks in general some of the time
    Well I'm glad it works now.

    I honestly never got into Tamagotchis, but the Chao garden does sound cool the way you describe it.

    Oh that's really too bad. Those types of things honestly don't scare me at all in movies or video games. Actual tension is more effective imo.

    The first game got amazing reviews, especially on the 360. I heard the PS3 version is inferior.

    Yeah I never had any problems with Vista either.
    I've actually considered doing that haha. Can't mess it up for the producer! haha
    well i'm hoping i do.

    i got a lot of the story planned out, it's just a matter of writing it up
    haha for a second i forgot my last message and was like "Aw, other shows have had this kind of plot before? :(" haha. yea, that's probably going to end up happening in the last season. the main reason i have a main plot and a sub plot for each episode is to prolong certain events and make them seem bigger than they really are haha
    pretty much the gist of it.

    it's sometimes hard keeping that aspect though, because there is an ongoing story arc i've been working on that i think is much more interesting
    That's weird, I've never had that happen

    No problem!

    Yeah, they're one of the negatives of the game, though it's still one of my favorite games. I've never really tried out the Chao garden tbh.

    Yeah that definitely makes sense. Games that are able to give an isolated feel are really special since so many rely on loud explosives and stuff

    That definitely makes sense, thanks for your input. I'll see what the reviews say about the sequel before I get the first one though.

    I see what you mean. That's good to hear that you've had a good experience with it.
    right. esp. since i'm trying to keep it haha.

    oh, well it's called "Show Business" and it's about a guy named Steve{whose based off me} who pitches TV shows and movies to a network executive. each episode of a season has 2 plots; one is about the production of whatever show Steve is doing for the season{each season is a season of one of his shows}, and then there's always a sub plot that involves his friends, girlfriend, etc. that's where i came up with the name Skylark Jones, as he is an antagonist in the show.

    the episodic plots are humorous while the sub plots range from humorous to dark
    i never got disciplined for it so i think i may be in the clear.

    comedy-drama about a guy who pitches tv shows, and each show is a show idea I actually have had at one point? ring any bells lol
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