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  • Haha I probably could've gone with something better but oh well. I'm pretty sure I used the same user title "coming for you" last year... haha.
    Yeah, the weather's changing which is nice. Except for when I'm working haha
    sorry for never responding haha, i never saw your response till right now.
    it's only temporary haha.
    I'm pretty good thanks. Thank god it's Thursday tomorrow haha. You?
    I'm actually not a big fan of Halloween to be honest. How popular is Halloween there? We do a lot to celebrate it here.

    Yeah I agree. The atmosphere is one of the best parts of Bioshock.

    I don't blame you haha! This guy perfectly expressed how stupid the whole thing was.
    Oh no, censorship sucks sometimes! What exactly was sensored?

    Yeah, it's really nice. I'm glad to have a new phone
    Yeah that's the same way here haha! And we tend to start celebrating Christmas around October and go until the middle of January. Stores have decorations and stuff even sometimes before Halloween!

    That's true, I find it more effective that way.

    Haha! I still remember the whole "green eyes" freak out when the first Sonic 4 footage was shown! :P

    I can't wait till I gt the chance to do it haha! I just got an iPhone 5s :)
    Yeah I love that too! And I love seeing all the Christmas commercials.

    Oh I see. I wonder why, it seems like they would.

    That's great to hear. I think people tend to fear change, especially in something that means so much to them, even if the change if good.

    Yeah that's true haha. I've never bought my own PC though, so I don't know how picky I'll be when I have to choose one lol.
    I know, I can't wait for Christmas! It's my favorite time of year.

    Oh I see, that makes sense.

    That's good that the whole game has a haunting feel.
    Yeah exactly! They don't ever show the old Rapture, right?
    Yeah I remember trying to take down the Big Daddies. I'm glad to hear Infinite is highly recommendable. I know many fans were disappointed in the change of setting.

    Me too haha! I used to be very interested in computers, but now not so much.
    haha yea. I think people are just looking for reasons not to like it. so they come up with rather stupid ones huh haha
    I know it's unbelievable!

    That's a good idea. How do you farm EXP?

    Oh I really like that shot, it looks haunting! I played some of it awhile ago and I was very impressed with the setting, even if I didn't find it scary. I did find the whole sparing/killing children concept a little unsettling though.

    Yeah I love recommending things too haha

    I agree, there's probably some very technical aspects that separated the two though. They go beyond what I actually care about though haha
    i read a theory that said jack was never real{in the film} but merely a figment of Rose's imagination, and that kinda ruined it for me too
    Konami really made strong thought-provoking games during that time. Also Silent Hill 2 comes to mind.
    Well, I'm also replaying MGS3 right now (on 3DS this time) and still that game keeps amazing me.
    You've had an MGS3 avatar, right?
    it's an easy genre to get people sad because of like death and dramatic stuff like that but imo it needs to be executed really well, which Titanic wasn't imo
    I've only seen it a couple times and it's a little sad I Guess but it's not something I'd like cry over or anything
    there's bound to be some 'good' ones since there's so many haha, but me personally i can't think of any
    is Battle Royale good? I actually liked Hunger Games, before I knew it was a clone
    I'm sick of how they keep doing that with books now. After Harry Potter, every last book in a series that has turned into movies is doing it. Twilight, Hunger Games, Hobbit now... it's ridiculous and it's pretty clearly just for money
    that's good.

    i hate that they're doing that. 3 movies for the shortest book in a series? ok...
    that would help haha.

    i bet they made a lot more money with that decision
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