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  • my favorite episode is "The Springfield Files." I just think it is a nice parody of X-Files, and it is constantly funny. I love about 93 percent of episodes though, as long as i laugh/and or i am entertained.
    i liked the Simpsons game, but now when i play it for my Wii, i hate it. I'm so annoyed by the constant things the characters say as you do missions. I'm on Grand theft Scratchy, and everytime Marge is commanding the dogs to do something, she keeps saying "Extreme Makeover: Marge Edition!" And in the mob wars Ned keeps saying weird stuff. It bugs me.

    What is your favorite episode of The Simpsons?
    i was so upset when my PSP got stolen... and it had my only game, the Simpsons game!
    My friend has a New Years Party, and we played Wii sports... that's what made me want one. And the thing u said about the Xbox, i already knew cause my friend really likes it :)
    so you like the Xbox 360 huh? So does my friend at school. He makes fun of my Wii, calling it stupid. I had a PSP about a year or two ago, but i was sleeping over at a friends house, and someone stole it, and my Simpsons game i had in it.
    yea, i only have that and some hand-hold ones like game boy advance. i really want a PS3 though. do u have a lot of games for all your consoles?
    I play mostly games like Mario Party lol. I play a lot of Mario games for my Wii. I play Guitar Hero from time to time {gonna get one in a couple weeks}. I like playing Grand Theft Auto. What video game console do you have?
    ha cool we have a lot in common. I just like those two movies because they actually focus a lot on the plot. Beast and Benders Game obviously have a plot, but it takes a long time to get into them. Music, i don't listen to a whole lot, but when i do, it is probably pop or rock
    yea! I started watching Futurama on {adult swim} a few nights before it left and went on Comedy Central. That's also one of my favorite cartoons! Did you see all the movies? which was your favorite? {Mine was Benders Big Score and Into the Wild Green Yonder}
    it makes me sad, not that they don't like {not everyone has to} but the fact that they have only seen 2 or 3 episodes. It took me a few to actually get into it
    i know exactly what you mean. My friends never liked this show, and if i tried to show them an episode, they wouldn't even pay attention.
    yeah, my friends all talk about how awesome Family Guy is, but i don't like what i have seen. I mention Simpsons randomly when i am with my friends, and they all tell me to get a life. And I haven't seen a couple from seasons 12 or 13, I've seen pretty much every single episode
    hi. i love every single thing about this show! {ask any of my friends... all i do is talk about it} Favorite primary characters are Homer and Bart, secondary characters would have to be probably Moe, Principal Skinner, and sometimes Flanders.
    It's actually not that different from what I've seen of the UK from what I remember from when I visited (this was years ago, though)

    Main Differences:
    We drive on the right side of the road
    Cities are spread out and sprawling instead of nice and compact
    We don't have the cool old buildings you do

    most of my favorite bands are British, though!
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    2 and a half to 3 months in the summer
    a few days at Thanksgiving (late November)
    About 2 weeks at Christmas
    About a week at the beginning of March
    4 or 5 days around Easter (counting the weekend)

    Although I go to a private school so it's a little different than the normal schedule but it's about the same
    Haha, no idea! I'm ready to spend the next 2 and a half months not thinking about anything! lol

    I don't think I did, and I could still keep my B with a 50% so I'm good!
    Thanks, I only have French which I can't actually go up or down a letter grade in unless I completely fuck it up, so I should be fine!
    Studying for finals :(
    But it's all over tomorrow, and my birthday's on Wednesday, so it's all good!
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