reading, watching tv-shows/movies
Aug 18, 1989 (Age: 33)
Planet Earth
Real Name
Not telling
A acquaintance of Betty and Veronica
Favorite Simpsons Characters
Too many to list here
Favorite Simpsons Episodes
Probably something from seasons 1-10, while I do like some stuff after that, it's parts of the episode and not the entire thing
Simpsons Merchandise You Own
Some comic books and DVDs
Year You Started Watching?
Not sure, maybe around late 90's/very early 00's
Favorite TV Show(s)
I don't really have a favorite tv show, but I have many, many shows I like to watch, but no way I gonna list them all here!
Favorite Movie(s)
There's just way too many movies I like to be listed here
Favorite Musical Artist / Band(s)
Too many to count
Favorite Computer / Video Game(s)
Again, too many to count
Favorite Book(s)
Harry Potter series is probably closest one I can think of to my favorite, though I like the early ones more than the later ones
Favorite Sports Team(s)
Don't really have any
Favorite Websites
Again, don't really have any




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