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  • Happy 40th anniversary, Matty! I wish you life happiness, health, feel more good feelings, and love and warm, and peace to you and your family.
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    Thank you so much, I wish you all the same!
    I'll take a moment wish you a happy birthday as well, @Matty (I just recently noticed that your named showed up under Today's Birthdays). I like how you are still around these boards and play an active role (both as user and as moderator). Hope to continue seeing you around.
    Thanks @CousinMerl ! As long as there are good people and music showdowns around, so will I be
    Hello! No pressure to respond to this, but did you draw your profile pic? You’ve mentioned being an animator/artist before and I’m curious. Also have you ever posted ur work before? I’m pursuing art as a career and I think it’s really cool there’s an animation director on this site!
    Hey man wanna be my judge for something

    It's simple: two short stories. You vote for the one you prefer the most and give a short review of both. Keep in mind the two stories were written collectively by 5-6 people who may or may not know each other.

    If you accept, it should be within the hour.
    I know it’s only been a couple days since I changed it, but I’ve gotten a lot of backlash for my current username, so can I have it changed back to ataeaf?
    If you really don't want to, I can relieve you the burden of coloring the techno club scene. However, I was wondering if you could record the second set of lines I sent you till at least next week or so?
    Just wondering, do you think you can record your Rachel lines sometime next week? I feel like it's time to release the first preview for the show soon.
    Oh, it's just that I called him out in that Confessions thread because I thought what he said was disturbing. I have forgiven him for that later on though and now miss his presence on the board.
    I don't know if you have contact with Ryan or whatnot, but I really feel horrible over how I might have been the reason he stopped posting here.

    Can you talk to him?
    id tell you some of my favourites but unfortunately thatd spoil the showdown. im gonna drop two of my favourites in the showdown next time it comes around. they are both aussie rock bands and i bet they both get dumped in round one because people arent used to their voices but thats ok. i know most of my friends have problems with the two bands im nomming because of the lead singers.

    but yeah here are two good recs: parkway drive and sticky fingers. parkway play some screamo rock stuff. if you streamed the top 100 you shouldve heard two of their songs in there somewhere. sticky fingers are aussie reggae. ___ nommed them in the showdown a few years ago and i won against them. haha who coulda guessed that id end up liking the band later on.
    yeah man, the cat empire are awesome. im hoping i get to see them soon at byron bay blues festival but i think it might be too expensive. ive not heard much from jackson jackson or true live but i liked what i heard in the showdown from true live.
    ive got triple j on all the time. triple j play all the good australian music and got me into most of the bands i know today. plus its like the only non-shit australian music station. triple j unearthed and like a version are great to listen to. you get to hear new aussie acts on unearthed even if half of them are shit. sticky fingers came from unearthed im pretty sure. like a version is fantastic, as its normally covers from great bands and acts. sticky fingers even managed to get one of their like a version songs onto the top 100 this year.
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