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  • norway is so good. railway was amazing. did a fjord cruise which rocked. the ulver lp especially was awesome so thx! you and your friend should do it. the people there are so friendly as well
    i'm leaving tomorrow :/ it's definitely going to be a different experience now... thx for your concern tho :)
    knew you'd come through! thxxxx. only thing ive heard from that list so far is det frysende nordariket and it slays.
    i am going to oslo for the first few days and then going on this 10 hour train ride to berg on the bergen railway which is supposed to be like the coolest thing ever
    matt i am going to norway in 1 week. what are the very best norwegian black metal albums? i want to BE READY
    i was in a record shop in notting hill today and they had three columns of cds labelled PUNK - HARDCORE - METAL - GOTH. the first cd on the first column was a linkin park album. the first cd on the second column was another copy of the same linkin park album. the first cd on the third column was brainbombs - obey. that was really fucking weird.
    you should make a punk/hardcore thread or something where you post some modern stuff cos i feel like im missing out on something huge here. i barely know any punkbands still making tunez

    cos i fucking love shit from the 80s, 70s etcetc
    honestly your brit-slang is one of my favourite things about coming to this board
    cheers. grabbed a link to teen love

    if i don't soak my scrotum in lighter fluid as a result of listening to this, i want a refund
    gave circle the wagons a spin after you mentioned it the other day. I'd only heard the 3 main records and had been meaning to get around to the rest for like 2 years so I thought this would be a good place to pick up. great stuff! I'm really surprised I like it because there are plenty of things I would think would put me off. only darkthrone could get away with it. new year's resolution: listen to their last three records.
    because she thought it would be appropriate if she only had one good song. one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one

    whats yor band. im interested. link me to a song or two
    nice one, I will get on some of these. wipers are definitely a favourite of mine and flipper and brainbombs have been things I've been wanting to pick up for a while now.
    so the new akitsa is pretty great and I was just wondering, do you have any music you can recommend similar to the tracks with clean vocals? I'd like to hear more dirty punk with that same nasty kind of singing. actually I would gladly take anything similar to akitsa in any way because they're so great. cheers.
    I didn't realise your avatar was brass eye at all until last night! I hadn't seen the series in 3-4 years but I got the dvd for christmas and just started it. it's so good.
    in further agreement with all of nate's sentiment in your first visitor message...

    post more!

    happy new year and I have enjoyed your random images
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