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  • i saw that some people won pikmin hats. atleast, i'll be able to wear the tags whenever. from what i've read on the page, many people are expecting it to be an email after e3. i'm guessing we'll get an email asking for our address' and such within a week or so. what did you win?
    Hey, I did that spin game on the Nintendo facebook page and I won some pokemon dog tags! How do they contact you since I heard you won something as well?
    Probably a bit of both, haha. To be fair, it's a long distance relationship and we haven't seen each other since Easter, which is the longest we've ever been apart. I have every right to have turned into some kind of sex deprived loon. :P
    The dinner will undoubtedly be heavenly, I doubt I'll get too drunk seeing as I rarely do, and I'm sure the sex after (and let's be honest, before and during) the date will be awesome. :D
    I actually have three things planned. One is the closest to resembling a party, just going to a bar for drinks and dancing and such with a group of friends, this is the one thing I'm putting effort into planning, but honestly the effort is mostly just that I've picked a time and location and had to message the people I want to show. One is a dinner with my family where I still have to pick what to eat. And the other is a date and I have done no planning, my boyfriend has kept the details to himself. I don't think I've ever done so much for my birthday in one year haha.
    Not really having much of a party, just a couple different gatherings that I have various participation levels in planning. I like being able to plan my own shit though, that's half the enjoyment for me. I'm turning twenty though. I'll officially be old enough to not sound like an ass when I say I hate teenagers haha.
    Partially. Every time I view the conversation I start giggling like a damn idiot at the thought of it, haha. I'm also doing a whole bunch of other stuff right now, ranging from making birthday plans to researching for a history project to chatting with people. It's hard to reply quickly when doing so many things. D:
    How disappointing. I adore both Monty Python and Lord of the Rings. D: Every time I look at my avatar though I get distracted from my posting since I tend to play that scene through my head every time I see it haha.
    Yeah, I have mentioned sooo many times. Remember the post Sunny pics thread?
    But yeah I have been watching for about 4 years now.
    That's the same reason I haven't changed my avatar before. I just read that New York had 3 feet of snow
    I rarely ever send people friend requests. Most of them are sent from others lol
    Yup, most people were expecting their collectible DVDs to be worth thousands, but its all the same on the Internet. You have the cloud system to keep it everywhere, you have iPads and tablets to watch it whenever and it doesn't clutter up your house
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