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  • Yeah I know but my pm boxes always get full because Im lazy to delete them and i have a lot of convos with my close friends on there. Ill try and pm you more often though if you just wanna talk. We could just vm though
    Im sorry about that! Its not like im trying not to talk to you, we just dont really post in the same forums/threads anymore.
    I think my biggest problem with this current season is that the plot I was originally anticipating just isn't there. I honestly expected them to be in Miami for most of it.
    I really liked this season too. I am beginning to understand the hate towards the end for it, but I'm glad that they're debooting this season. I am really curious as to how Adam handles it. We may not even find out until next season. :P
    I was really hyped for the fourth season even if the third was lame, up until I heard of McGruder's departure. I have a bad feeling about this season. :P At least the Archer season finale's tonight too.
    whoops happy late ass birthday MRK. i was indulging in my own birthday festivities, so all i became oblivious to all surrounding birthdays.
    haha yeah, it's pretty wonderfully terrible. can't imagine there's a sloppier television adaptation of a video game series, though I've never watched that awful-looking short-lived Rayman toon.
    Heh, you don't have to qualify yourself to me or anything. My job's also shitty. Have I told you what mine is. I work in hygiene supplies. Sounds glamorous, no? But it's not. My job is to basically run up and down poorly ventilated buildings and change the sanitary bins in the ladies toilets, shit job, but considering the hours, the money's not too bad.
    haha, yeah, so do I. I was wondering when somebody would get the reference.
    Yeah man, I was thinking subtly creepy would work better and apparently I was right!
    wow dang dude! Glad you saw them finally, those are some of the best movies out there. Check out 3 sometime, it's lame but entertaining. Forget about Terminator Salvation though.
    I guess I just need to re-think my posts from now on before I actually post them. I meant that one as a joke, but even I'll admit it was in poor taste. Definitely not up to my usual "standards" of comedy.
    lol. I guess I should consider myself lucky, because Hammster said he was really close to banning me. Instead, he gave me a fraction that never expires.
    Yeah, I know. I wasn't really thinking straight when I posted it either. It was way past midnight when I posted it, and I didn't think anything of it until I got the infraction. I feel pretty bad about it now...
    Thanks! It'd be better if I didn't get an infraction for a "racist" comment I made in the "What Would You Do If You Were President?" thread.
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