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  • "Excuse me but I find your use of the word "Nazi" highly offensive. The proper term is "National Socialist" and only proud National Socialists can use the word "Nazi"."

    Fuck you
    What are the HD episodes you would consider to be ever-so-slightly less terrible than the other ones?
    Dude, I bow to your superior knowledge of the game. I feel a pilgrim in a doomscape land. I'll be sure to remember this advice if I ever decide to take the plunge. Do you want this avatar? Take it. Take it now. You're far more deserving of it, and I feel shamed for ever having decided to use it.

    I dunno man, I've watched the odd walkthrough when, for example, the sunday morning gloom becomes too much to bear, and the stark silence (broken only by the sound effects of doors sliding open, guns cocking, and obviously by the large bursts of action), was somewhat joyously unnerving. But I take your point, they are quite fast paced. I'm probably just a wimp. ;) No lie, most video games weirded me the hell out when I was a kid. I guess that was down to a low threshold for uncanny valley jitters or something. I played a few games here and there, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't that hard to grow tired of them. I've never bothered to even catch a glimpse of anything related to Doom 3, though I've heard it was really bad.
    I remember you agreeing with me that, due to your preference for horror and suspense over action and mindless carnage, you also preferred Ridley Scott's Alien to James Cameron's Aliens. Perhaps there's something of that at work here, too. It does look rather ott and without subtlety. And if I have hit on the right uncertainty, then I think I'd probably agree. But I guess I'm an easy sell because, while I've never played Doom, I have always been really interested in the principal concept. Demons come through portal and invade multiple moons? Sign me. the fuck. up. :D
    Thanks. I saw the rousing trailer for that new one and I'm now seriously rethinking my complete disinterest in video gaming (though I admit that I've always had an odd fascination with the Doom series). It looks hardcore.
    Looking at the FG thread (because I'm always curious when I see a locked thread), I never understood the phrase "too on-the-nose." Can you help me out wth it? Because I always thought of being on-the-nose as a good thing, so I never got how you could be too much of it.
    Good job on picking the perfect Christmas username and managing to put a Christmas-related verse into it!
    Your new AV/usertitle is probably the best Simps AV/Usertitle match-up on the board
    Perfectly looped gif and a severely under-rated catchy moment of the show (sure, it's a ref to another show, but whatever)
    It looks like the scene where Homer drops his bowling ball into the ground and it hits someone underneath, which is definitely from "Gutter".
    Really bad quality avatar, you should change it to the Land of Chocolate scene, IMO.

    Also weird that you decided to use an avatar from what you consider "the first BAD season".
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