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  • Why are people so shitty about when you celebrate your birthday? I'm sure if you straight up lied about when your birthday is they would never have noticed, but if you opt to be honest about how you're celebrating it late, suddenly it's as if you've broken the law. Like, birthdays as a recurring event to celebrate are a social construct. It's not up to anyone else if or how you celebrate it. 100% get a blimp via questionable means. (Not a lawyer. This does not constitute legal advice.)
    That's so shitty. I caught the flu on my birthday once, but that's my own fault for making out with my ex. Last year I had a broken foot on my birthday, and by the time it was healed enough to go anywhere, no one could have taken me seriously for still wanting to do something "for my birthday". This year was great, though. Got sushi with my bestie, went to a pub quiz, and talked for 12 hours on the phone with my brother. I totally support your blimp plan -- if you don't have a very good reason for not doing it after all, you're just gonna resent that for the whole year until your next birthday.
    the king returns... i knew this day would come. i am actually in tears
    I'm far from an evil being, I assure you. But if that's what has to happen, so be it. You'll come back around though.
    Well gosh darn, I've been scorned :(

    Oh well, you'll come back around someday
    Oh my. I felt the one word usernote wasn't that much and the first was good enough, but to each their own I suppose.
    I haven't seen it, but what makes Silver Spoons your favorite show? (Out of sitcoms anyway)
    Hey sweety, just ate a vanilla yoghurt and I immediately thought of you, as you are a Chocolate fan if I aint wrong
    you may draft a goodbye post in the form of no less than at least 10,000 posts over the course of many years
    excuse me, but your running afoul was done by one individual, and is not representative of this community's attitude towards you. we love you. we cherish you. if i were a real man, i would embrace you. it would be exceptionally rash to up and leave because of one incorrect and rude person, who i am sure would be kicking themself if you really left. i hoped for many years of love and bliss with you on our humble messaging form. truly, the board was better for having you. if you must go, go. i cannot keep you from your indelible adventures. but please know that we are here for you, every step of the way. and henceforth, as administrator of this newsletter, i shall be incorporating a permanent "No monkey shines, tomfooling, clownery, or foul play" rule, in your honor
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