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    Cleaning suggestions

    I feel your pain. I have 100+ figures and 25+ playsets setup to look like a little Springfield. But I have found a quick trick - Take a very large beach towel.. the largest you can buy and wet it in the sink. Let it hang on the shower rod until it is moist but not dripping wet. Lay it on a...
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    My question is in reference to the episode where Homer goes to the Chili Cook-off, trips out on hot peppers, then looks for his soul mate (sorry, I can't remember the the title of the episode): Towards the end of the episode Homer yells out: "I'm an insignificant speck, on a has been planet...
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    Kirk Van Houten accessory

    What is the white and blue accessory that comes with Kirk Van Houten figure?
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    I have been waiting two years for this set! Moe's Tavern rules! (this photo is from my collection)
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    Your First Playset

    Treehouse of Horror I
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    Treehouse Bart

    What is the purpose of the roof opening up? It's not like the real treehouse does that...
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    In the Bible, Sodom is a story about people indulging in so much sinful pleasure that god gets angry and destroys the entire city by fire. The joke is that the founders of Springfield just read the "pleasure" part and wanted to start a of new Sodom.
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    The man is supposed to be George Baily, the character Jimmy Stewart plays in the film "It's a Wonderful Life". The line is a direct quote from a scene in the movie.
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    The scene parodies both Tennessee Williams plays. The beginning of the scene where Smithers is on crutches and yells at a woman in a sexy slip is based on a scene in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Mr. Burns yelling "Smithers" is from "A Streetcar Named Desire"
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    Treehouse Bart

    Is is me or does Treehouse Bart look either drunk or constipated?
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    The Friar's Club was started by what were called the "Borscht Belt Comedians" - a group of Jewish stand-up comics (all men by the way) that were popular in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Chopped liver is a popular food with older Jewish men. The joke is that there are so many old Jewish men at the...
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    do you think they will make a thanksgiving playset

    Actually, that is a really good idea. This way we'd have a dining room set to complete the bottom level of the Simpsons's house. ;)
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    Homer the Moe

    Well said.
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    Homer the Moe

    Dana Gould is a man. Trust me. Here's Dana...
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    I tried canned air but it just blew around the very small accessories like the beer cans and eye glasses (if I have to search the floor for Smither's eye glasses one more time I am going to lose it! :angry: ) I guess I can just use a moist rag, but they get dusty so quickly and it takes so long...