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  • your last message prompted me to revisit rope and rear window this week, haha. i usually watch them a few times a year, but no matter how many times i've seen them, i always sit transfixed until they end. it's also nice to hear a positive response to vertigo right off the bat - most people seem to consider it a letdown after they see it for the first time, probably because it doesn't really have that edge-of-your-seat suspense that these other ones do. but of course it's captivating in a whole different (hypnotic) way. also, i often hear criticisms about the madeline/murder reveal being three quarters of the way through, rather than at the end. i usually suggest that the reveal serves a significant function because of its placement within the plot - namely, that it realigns the viewer's identification from scottie to madeline - but most people i talk to aren't having it, haha. oh well.
    nice, i'm glad to hear that you liked the best of everything! and you're right, as strong as the similarities between the two are (the film + mad men), they both say and do their own thing. i think it's fascinating to see that nyc office world through a late 50s lens and i liked the various progressive elements of rona jaffe's script (eg. eschewing the typical 'happily ever after' hollywood ending in favour of a more uncertain heterosexual union). there's also some stretches of tremendous aesthetic beauty - particularly the opening with the johnny mathis song and the shots of manhattan. now i just want to watch it again, haha. also great to hear that you're digging through hitchcock's stuff - for my money there is no better director. any thoughts about what you've watched so far?
    not sure if you've ever seen this film, but a couple months back i saw the 1959 melodrama the best of everything for the first time and was struck by how much it resembled mad men with its new york office setting, scumbag male executives, and ambitious young women. apparently it was one of the pictures that matt weiner made his cast and crew watch and strongly influenced the show (you might have seen this vanity fair article, which lists other films that he considered 'required viewing' for the mad men staff). you're probably aware of this, given your encyclopedic knowledge of the series, but there's even an explicit nod to this source material in season one, when don is shown reading the best of everything novel before bed. i wouldn't call the film an out-and-out masterpiece, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend a watch if you haven't seen it.
    finally saw the witch last night since we just got a copy of the blu-ray at my workplace. i know you mentioned enjoying it a while back but i just skimmed over your post because i wanted to go in totally fresh (sorry, haha). i was blown away and thought it was a straight-up masterpiece. most contemporary horror films seem to throw too many twists and turns at the viewer, making the narrative rather convoluted, but the 'simplicity' of this story is exquisite (not sure that's really the right word, but i think you get my meaning), and aesthetically it's just a visual/sonic feast. every frame looks like a painting. so so good.
    Yeah it's really good so far. The cutscenes are really engrossing, literally like watching a movie. I haven't gotten super far yet, I just escaped the place with the auction. But man, really digging it so far. Lots of nice little enhancements from the previous games, like how it tells you which gun ammo is for, and you have to hold the button to pick up a different gun, etc.
    it wasn't until the fourth time i saw it that i was fully on board with everything, and i'd consider it one of my top ten favourite films now. it's interesting because on one of the blu-ray extras, walter olkewicz (jacques renault) says something along the lines of 'you gotta watch this movie four times before you fall in love with it'. i gotta revisit again soon because it's been a couple months since i last put it on. sheryl lee kills it throughout the whole picture. i love when she's drunk with bobby in the woods. so incredibly 'real'.
    i felt the exact same way after watching fire walk with me for the first time. i couldn't believe how much darker it was than the series and how jarring it felt. i wasn't even crazy about it when i saw the second time, at a small and fairly empty theater during a blizzard (although the crowd didn't help matters by inappropriately laughing all the way through). i'll never forget the way the pink room scene hit me at that screening through - the volume was so loud and i never wanted that gritty song to end. it's still one of my favourite scenes and i always crank the volume when it gets to that part.
    hey man. i'm curious - how did you like fire walk with me? also, have you seen any of lynch's other features?
    Yeah and I hope they dont go with the fanservice route and have walt and jesse appear just for the fans sake. It would be dumb and incredibly forced. They handelled the refrences to breaking bad really well so far though. I love the subtleness of them.

    Yeah i'm busier because I got a job. But i'm also off school till sept so hopwfully I can vomw on here a little more often.
    Im sorry you feel that way! Ive been busy with irl stuff.

    I'm loving saul so far. It took a bit to gain momentum but the last few episodes in particular were really great. Sucks that were gonna have to wait another year to see more of it though.
    oh man it would rule if we could talk some twin peaks when you get around to watching it. you're definitely a top member when it comes to tv discussion (actually, when it comes to any discussion)
    wow, that sounds like torture.

    but yay, i look forward to reading more
    did you ever plan on continuing your breaking bad blogs for the final few episodes? obviously it's long gone but i'd still enjoy reading them. if not it's totally understandable
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