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  • It took me till about the middle of the second season to really like it, so if the third is an improvement, I can't wait.
    I don't really know haha. It's a good show but I don't know if 'fan' is the right word. Why?
    I'm surprised he hasn't hurt his throat from all the screaming he's done over the years
    Did they play Given Up? Haha I can't imagine how hard it must be for him to sing, screaming for so long at the same time. Nice, Faint's one of my favorite songs, and One Step Closer is great too.
    I've only been a fan of them for just under a year, but I love them. I can't believe I never listened to them prior to last year. How was the concert, besides not getting very close? I still think you're pretty lucky. There's few things I want more than to see them live
    they're too of my favorite people in the entertainment business and meeting them, like you said, would probably be one of the best days ever
    I wanna see them in concert so fucking badly! Wanna meet Mike and Chester.

    I'm OK. I don't really feel good today :(
    how long does a typical tour last? can't wait for a new album.

    btw, it's been a while, how're you?
    Bro, I'm loving your South Park episode ideas by the way. They're all so solid and fresh that they could easily pass as actual episode plot synopses.
    game sounds kinda iffy. oh, really? well i guess i'll have to get on that sometime
    oh, ok. thanks. are there any other songs that are only online and not on any albums. also what's the game about? I was going to get it but it cost money
    i mean if it comes on my shuffle on my phone i'll listen, but i'm not fond of it. i really like LOATR though. can't really explain why.

    i heard a song by them called "Blackbirds"; where's that from?
    Favorites- The Catalyst, Wretches and Kings, In The End, Lost in the Echo, Waiting for the End, Faint, Numb, Crawling, Castle of Glass, In Pieces, From the Inside, Leave out All The Rest, Blackout.

    Least Favorites- Shadow of the Day is the first one that comes to mind.

    I've probably missed some in both categories haha... we've got some differing opinions I see haha
    Yea, a while back I was going through songs on YouTube and came across Valentine's Day and thought "Oh, a song about a girl? Interesting I s'pose."

    now that i know more songs by them, what's your favorite/least favorite? i've probably asked before but like i said, now i know more
    Apparently on the YouTube video people were commenting about being alone on VD and someone said that it isn't about having a date, it's about his dad dying. And I just googled it and apparently that's correct. How sad :(

    Yeah, I think I read that somewhere about Little Things. I've only listened to it like twice so I don't remember many of the lyrics
    I thought Mike had some pretty good verses in the song. Especially the second half. Lost in the Echo took a bit of time for me as well but I got it pretty much covered now.

    BTW, for clarity sake, is "Valentine's Day" about Chester's dad dying, or something else? I was on YouTube and saw someone comment that it was, but I never looked further into it.
    Yeah, I'm learning that haha. "Faint" was kinda hard to get the rap parts but I'm getting it. I really want to memorize the lyrics to Hands Held High because it's a pretty deep song
    I'm listening to Tre online right now. I've really liked all of the songs so far, and I'm listening to them in alphabetical order, currently on Dirty Rotten Bastards. I've liked them all pretty equally so far.
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