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  • I've never really understood the love for You Only Move Twice. a decent episode, but pretty average for a classic era episode. here's my review of it if you're interested

    hey at least Lisa's Sub isn't in the 90's tournament anymore
    to be honest I didn't totally agree with the O&W ranking, but Homer Vs The 18th Amendment is too low? c'mon, I know it's an amazing episode, but in the top ten isn't bad

    and in the 1990's elimination, the other episodes, besides Whacking Day, were absolute classics imo
    Thanks for all the recs! I haven't seen Le Clan des Siciliens, but I have seen Verneuil's Des gens sans importance and it was brilliant. I'll check all three of those out. Thanks!
    Unfortunately, I'm in the minority. When people want to talk about French cinema it's almost never implies stuff before the 1960s (outside of Renoir) - - Gabin is effortlessly great even in the "stupid" movies he made with Jean Delannoy, which are seriously every bit as great as the more canonized stuff. He's awesome, picking a favorite role would be next to impossible, but maybe it's Le jour se lève.
    oh well i guess.

    and in another thread, Springfield Files vs E-I-E-I(Annoyed Grunt). I really don't see why people like E-I a lot. do you like it?
    it seems it gets a lot of love from fans (Well from what I've seen), but I am sure I'm gonna lose against homer the heretic... xD
    well I disagree obviously being english but I can see why you want Spain to lose

    do you want Germany to win the whole thing?
    Still haven't got round to watching that video yet...

    But after our Asterix conversation yesterday I thought I'd go and reread the great crossing but guess what?! I can't find it anywhere. So annoyed lol...
    Cool. Anyway I'm going to bed now. The last matchs of the group stages in my world cup are announced and hopefully started tomorrow.
    I went to Hadrians wall on a holiday and picked up an Asterix book (name escapes me but they go to America and meet natives but they mistake them for Romans or something like that) and I really enjoyed it. I may pick up some more sometime.
    1. Bart sells his soul
    2. Lisa the iconoclast
    3. Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey
    4. The Principal and the pauper
    5. Homer the Great
    6. WSMB (part 1)
    7. Lisa's substitute
    8. 3 men and a comic book
    9. 22 Short Films about Springfield
    10. WSMB (part 2) and Summer of 4ft2 (equal)
    That's a good episode but I haven't seen it in ages. My favourite is Bart sells his soul. Funny, imaginative and meaningful. Everything the show should be :).
    Haha I like that your opinion isn't very conformist. I seem to agree with you on more and more things each day but I don't on this. My golden age is 1-10. I know it's pretty long for a golden age but that's why I like the simpsons so much. It lasted so long with consistently good episodes. (seasons 11-15 are also pretty good but after that...eurgh... It isn't the same show anymore although occasionally it has glimpses of brilliance again.)
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